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She-Hulk Episode 8 Ending Fully Explained


Warning! This article contains spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, episode 8.She-Hulk: Attorney At Law episode 8 ended on a note promising big things for the finale, with the ending marking the first truly somber finish of the series thus far. Despite being the overly-anticipated episode to feature Daredevil’s proper return to the MCU, She-Hulk episode 8 made no mistake to remind the audience just what Jen has been saying throughout the series’ run: this is her show. This was done in an ending that not only confirmed previous theories but compounded them in heartbreaking ways for Jen when she is at her happiest.


She-Hulk episode 8 begins similarly to its predecessors through its lawyer procedural format by having Jen take on a client based on the obscure comic character Frog-Man, renamed Leap Frog for the MCU. The case turns out to be a conflict of interest for Jen, with Leap Frog’s issue being one of his super-suit, made by Jen’s own tailor Luke Jacobs. This forces Jen to go against Luke in court, whose lawyer is none other than the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen himself, Matt Murdock.

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While Jen’s escapades with Matt/Daredevil in the episode are fairly self-contained, the self-aware nature of the show makes sure to convey to the audience that the ending sequence of Jen’s Gala is the big twist people have been waiting for, revealing the dark ending behind She-Hulk’s villains: Intelligencia. The ending sequence seemingly confirms, and pokes fun at, some different theories audiences have come up with over the series’ run while setting up for an intriguing finale that will be sure to focus solely on Jen and her character arc thus far. With that being said, here is every aspect of She-Hulk episode 8’s explosive ending explained.

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What She-Hulk’s Episode 8 Ending Really Means

The She-Hulk episode 8 ending is multifaceted, commenting on Jen as a whole, her views on She-Hulk and how that will be different going forward, and the reveals of the villains behind the show. Firstly, in relation to Intelligencia, the show wisely is leaning away from a lot of the theories conjured online stating that The Leader is behind the group in order to build a Hulk of his own. The show even goes out of its way to have Jen directly address the reality of an MCU Red-Hulk through Intelligencia. That being said, the final episode certainly could reveal The Leader’s involvement and set up for future MCU stories in typical Marvel Studios fashion, but the ending of She-Hulk episode 8 lays bare the nature of Intelligencia – at least regarding how it pertains to Jen herself.

The unfortunate reality behind Intelligencia is that their main goal is assassination of Jen’s character, which will likely turn more sinister in the finale with the storyline surrounding Jen’s blood. In She-Hulk episode 8’s ending though, Intelligencia hijacked Jen’s Gala for her nomination of Female Lawyer of the Year and invaded her life and privacy by weaponizing her femininity and agency against her. As seen by She-Hulk episode 7’s ending, Josh stole data from Jen’s phone and took a picture of her asleep before leaving. Intelligencia used all of this data and disgustingly nonconsensual videos of Jen and Josh together to slut-shame Jen in front of her friends, family, and colleagues. By using Jen’s completely normal life of dating profiles, personal images, and private romantic life, Intelligencia is attempting to paint Jen as a villain. This reveal causes Jen to go into a completely justified She-Hulk rage which, despite the justification, only contributes to Intelligencia’s plan to tear Jen down.

What Is She-Hulk Looking At In Episode 8’s Final Shot?

This plan is evident in She-Hulk episode 8’s final shot which ends the episode on an unusually depressing note. Jen looks directly at the camera, as she has done all season, though this time with a pained, defeated look that conveys to the audience that Jen, through She-Hulk, has given the villainous Intelligencia exactly what they wanted. No matter how justified Jen is in retaliation to Intelligencia’s awful actions, her flying into a rage, destroying the Gala building and attacking Intelligencia’s carefully placed goons in full view of her friends, family, colleagues, and Damage Control makes her the “monster” Intelligencia have tried to paint her as. Thematically, this makes sense to be the meaning behind the final shot, hearkening back to Bruce’s words to Jen in She-Hulk episode 1: “when people start seeing you as a monster, that never goes away.”

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Of course, the final shot could also be Jen’s realization of something else, that Intelligencia has taken her blood for other nefarious purposes. The series has been hinting at Jen’s realization of this, from the Wrecking Crew’s attempt in She-Hulk episode 3 to Saracen’s humorous, yet surprisingly accurate line about Josh wanting her blood. Jen herself even makes a joke in She-Hulk episode 8 about Red-Hulk being the show’s big twist. The final shot, despite likely being Jen’s thematic realizations, could be her also realizing that Intelligencia has a wider plan in motion that sets up the finale.

What Will Happen In She-Hulk’s Finale

All of this begs the question of where all of these threads will lead in the She-Hulk finale. Obviously, Jen is going to have to confront Intelligencia in some way. The She-Hulk finale could do this in a number of ways though. She-Hulk episode 8 established, through Daredevil/Matt Murdock, Jen’s newfound willingness to use She-Hulk to help people the law fails. This was evident by the first use of her super-suit made by Luke and her first official superhero activities of the show. Naturally then, this could be setting up a final action-packed confrontation with the people behind Intelligencia’s plan. However, the She-Hulk episode 8 ending could leave the finale open to a culmination more fitting of the show up to this point.

Jen being seemingly apprehended by Damage Control could lead to an ending that utilizes the show’s best and most unique aspects, those being the lawyer procedural format and its fantastic side characters. If Jen is imprisoned by Marvel’s Damage Control, the finale could be a final courtroom-centric episode in which Jen and her friends take down Intelligencia and expose them, freeing Jen of both the group and her potential incarceration. This would fit better with the tone and style the show has employed up to this point, and could then leave reveals like The Leader and a potential Red-Hulk for future MCU projects like Captain America: New World Order.

Regardless of which direction the finale goes in, it is clear that it will revolve around Jen coming to terms with the ending of episode 8 and her being a misunderstood “monster” akin to her cousin Bruce. Confronting this in the MCU’s latest finale, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law will pave the way for Jen to confront something else she has fought against the entire series, finally becoming a true hero in the MCU to stop awful groups like Intelligencia from committing acts like this against others.

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