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Signs That Love Is Blind’s Raven Ross & SK Alagbada Would Break Up

Raven Ross and Siriku “SK” Alagbada became unexpected fan favorites on Love Is Blind season 3, but after a whirlwind week of cheating allegations, their sudden split wasn’t completely unexpected. When Raven and SK got engaged on Love Is Blind season 3, they didn’t appear to share an explosive connection like co-stars Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux. As time went on, Raven and SK’s bond noticeably strengthened, and many fans thought the duo would get married. While Raven and SK didn’t wed on Love Is Blind, they decided to continue their relationship and happily praised one another after the series concluded.


Unfortunately, despite Raven and SK’s post-show bliss and Lizzo’s public support for Love Is Blind on TikTok, the couple became the third duo from Love Is Blind season 3 to break up on November 20. In joint Instagram Stories, Raven and SK announced that they “decided to go their separate ways” days after allegations that SK was unfaithful emerged. While Raven and SK thanked Love Is Blind fans for their support, they ominously admitted that they wouldn’t make additional statements due to “ongoing legal proceedings surrounding these allegations.” Although their breakup appeared to be a sudden decision, several signs indicated that Raven and SK would be the next Love Is Blind season 3 to split.

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Multiple Women Accused SK Of Infidelity After Love Is Blind

In videos saved by TikTok user @storytimewithrikkii, SK was first accused of cheating on Raven by TikTok user @Emmwho9, who leaked several texts between her and the Love Is Blind season 3 star on November 14. Shortly after time stamps showed that SK was on Hinge after Love Is Blind, a second woman, @hannahbethstyle, revealed herself as SK’s ex-girlfriend. In a now-deleted TikTok from November 18, the user shared dozens of dated texts and pictures that showed her and SK together after Love Is Blind season 3 concluded in May 2021.

Although SK and Raven didn’t address SK’s infidelity scandal after the women came forward on TikTok, their social media profiles began to change, indicating problems between them. SK, who already admitted that he was unhappy with how he was portrayed on Love Is Blind, quickly locked down his Instagram comments like co-star Zanab Jaffrey, another Love Is Blind villain, so that users couldn’t question him with the allegations. SK also began to remove photos that showcased his Love Is Blind journey with Raven, although a few remain. Since SK continuously praised Raven after Love Is Blind and referred to her as his “beautiful bride,” his fast quietness spoke volumes.

Love Is Blind’s Raven Deleted All Photos Of SK (& His Mom)

While SK’s choice of social media is Instagram, Raven is one of the most followed Love Is Blind season 3 contestants on Instagram and TikTok. Before the allegations against SK surfaced, Raven would routinely update her profiles with pictures and videos that included SK. Although Raven kept quiet about SK’s alleged infidelity, it became obvious that Raven and SK were about to split when she purged her Instagram account of almost every mention of him. While Love Is Blind fans thought SK had communication issues prior, they loved how SK’s mother treated Raven; unfortunately, SK’s mother is gone from Raven’s social media as well. Raven and SK unexpectedly became fan favorites in Love Is Blind season 3, and while Raven has retained her positive image after their split, SK’s has dramatically fallen.

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