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Small Characters Have An Adorable Secret


Besides the body type, the small characters in Genshin Impact all share one adorable detail, which is easily missable if players don’t pay attention.

Genshin Impact’s small characters have a secret that is adorable and exclusive to their body type. Developer HoYoverse’s RPG currently has five distinct body types for playable characters: adult male, young male, adult female, young female, and child. The main differences between them are usually aesthetic, both in terms of height and the correlated animations that each body type has. However, the children in Genshin Impact have one tiny detail that almost feels like a secret.


Notably, small characters in Genshin Impact have a different sprinting animation when compared to adult and young body type patterns. While this is a significant difference in and of itself, the child sprinting animation holds an amusing secret in Genshin Impact. When their sprint is interrupted, these characters seem to avoid a fall, slightly tipping forward and then regaining balance.

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Small Characters In Genshin Impact Act Surprised When Sprint Is Interrupted

Genshin Impact's Sayu on Aether's shoulders while he runs and points forward.

This near-fall animation is exclusive to small characters in Genshin Impact, and therein lies the adorable secret. When child body type heroes’ sprints are interrupted, they have a unique surprised expression. This was captured and posted by TheJonathonTV on Instagram, which tested multiple characters to check their facial expression after interrupting a sprint. The content creator tested multiple characters, such as Sayu, Nahida, Diona, and Qiqi. They ended their demonstration video joking about Xiao in Genshin Impact and his small body type meme.

Small Characters’ Expression Is Unique To Their Body Type In Genshin Impact

Klee smiling with fire in the background in Genshin Impact

This unique facial expression that small characters in Genshin Impact have when their sprint is interrupted is connected to their near-fall animation, as pointed out by user comments on the content creator’s Instagram post. TheJonathonTV successfully interrupted both the sprint and the tripping animation, hence leaving only the surprised expression on the child body type characters. Screen Rant also tested the sprint interruption method on heroes of different body types in Genshin Impact and can confirm that the surprised expression is, in fact, exclusive to small characters.

Except for the animation set, this unique and adorable secret, and the obvious height difference, small characters in Genshin Impact play out similarly to other body-typed heroes. The main differences between them are actually related to the characters’ Elemental Skills and their Elemental Bursts in Genshin Impact. Of course, this applies to characters in general and is not in any way related to body types.

While they are not usually the most popular ones in the game, the small character category in Genshin Impact has some of the best and worst heroes released so far. There are popular ones, like the 4-star shielder Diona or the 5-star healer Qiqi, for instance. Other characters are notoriously bad, like the 4-star Dori, from the Sumeru region. On the other hand, the same Nation also introduced players to the sub-DPS and Dendro enabler Nahida, who is considered one of the best Genshin Impact characters from 2022. Regardless of their usefulness on the field, all child body type heroes share the same adorable surprised expression after sprinting.

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Source: TheJonathonTV/Instagram


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