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Spider-Man’s 10 Worst Mistakes In Marvel Comics

This article has videos that contain references to/depictions of murder, violence, and domestic abuse. Some videos may also contain flashing lights. Viewers’ discretion is advised.

Spider-Man just started on what will be his most devastating adventure in October 2022. The series is “The End of the Spider-Verse” and it will reportedly, as the title suggests, end the Spider-Verse as well as all the fun variant Spider-Men in the Marvel Universe. While the end of the line is not totally Spider-Man’s fault, he will almost surely make some mistakes along the way.

That is one of the key character traits for Spider-Man. The rules are simple. Peter Parker can never find true happiness. Spider-Man will always make mistakes that put the life of him and his friends in danger. The web-slinger usually finds a way to overcome the odds, but there is a chance that he will lose someone close to him more often than not. That has always been the Spider-Man story from the start.


Spider-Man Let A Burglar Get Away

Spider-Man’s mistakes started from the beginning – before he was even a superhero. When Peter Parker gained the powers of a spider, he was a teenager bullied his entire life. That’s why, after he got a chance to be on TV, he believed this was how he would finally put that behind him.

The future web-slinger was an instant celebrity. However, after one show, he watched a burglar run by him after robbing the TV station. He refused to stop him and even talked back to the security guard who asked why. This burglar ended up shooting and killing Peter’s Uncle Ben. While this was the mistake that influenced him to become a hero, Spider-Man did carry this loss heavily on his shoulders in the years to come.

Peter Parker Couldn’t Save Harry Osborn

Betrayals in Marvel Comics happen all the time. However, in the case of Harry Osborn, Peter was also partially to blame. Harry had a tough life, the son of a wealthy industrialist who never lived up to his dad’s expectations. All he had was his friends, and his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson.

However, Peter ended up coming between Harry and Mary Jane when she and Peter grew a lot closer. That wasn’t Peter’s fault, but he began acting overly harsh toward his friend and Peter’s mistake was pushing Harry away when he needed him most. Eventually, Harry went down a dark path, which led to him succeeding his dad as Green Goblin. If Peter were a better friend, he could have stopped this.

Spider-Man Couldn’t Save Gwen Stacy

The worst thing to happen to Spider-Man after he became a hero was when Peter Parker’s love interest, Gwen Stacy, died. Gwen was the best thing in Peter’s life, and she proved that he could find happiness. So for his enemies, this had to end.

Green Goblin took Gwen to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge and threw her off. Spider-Man’s mistake was not thinking when he tried to save her. He shot a web that caught her, but it also caused her to snap her neck and die instantly. Spider-Man couldn’t save her, and he was partially responsible for her death.

Peter Parker Lied To Aunt May For Years

Peter Parker had one person in his life that he both cared for and relied on to care for him as well. This was his Aunt May. After a Spider-Man mistake caused his Uncle Ben’s death, he took it upon himself to always protect Aunt May as well.

However, his goal of protecting Aunt May included lying to her for years about him being Spider-Man. This was a mistake because it showed a lack of trust for the one person he swore to protect. When she found out, it ruined their relationship and that was all Peter’s fault.

Peter Parker Hit Mary Jane Watson

One of the worst and most notorious things to happen in the Marvel Comics came in the pages of The Avengers when Hank Pym (Ant-Man) slapped his wife, Janet Van Dyne (Wasp). It is something that fans struggle to forgive – especially since he was meant to hero and represent the good in the world, so this horrible deed didn’t sit right with them.

However, Spider-Man did the same thing to Mary Jane Watson. Peter was having problems in his life, same as Pym was, and he ended up in a fight with his clone, Ben Reilly. Mary Jane tried to stop them, and Peter hit her, knocking her across the room. The worst part of this was that she was pregnant at the time.

Spider-Man Killed Charlemagne

Spider-Man will save even his worst villains if he can, but he is not someone who will take a life. However, this all changed when Peter was sent to Berlin for a story and he ended up teaming with Wolverine.

Wolverine had a former lover there named Charlemagne, who had been brainwashed and actually wanted to end her life. Wolverine finally agreed to help her, but then Spider-Man showed up and misinterpreted the situation, attacking Wolverine. Charlemagne saw a chance and snuck up behind Spider-Man. Not knowing it was her, he punched her with his full strength, killing her instantly. It was a huge mistake and one made most comic fans feel bad for Spider-Man.

Peter Parker Brought Venom To Earth

In the first Secret Wars in Marvel Comics, The Beyonder kidnaps heroes and villains from Earth and forced them to battle each other for his amusement. He offered anything the winners wanted, and he was powerful enough to give it to them.

Spider-Man had his costume destroyed in a battle, but the heroes found a machine that could create new costumes for them. However, Spider-Man got his from an alien symbiote, although he thought it was from that machine. Spider-Man then returned to Earth with the symbiote costume, and because of this mistake, unleashed Venom, Carnage, and more on Earth.

Spider-Man Joined Iron Man’s Side In Civil War

The heroes of the Marvel Universe chose a side in the Civil War storyline. Many sided with Captain America and fought for their freedom and rights. Others sided with Iron Man and fought for government control and regulation. Spider-Man joined Iron Man’s side.

This was an enormous mistake for Spider-Man when he realized he joined the wrong side of ths Civil War. Iron Man convinced him to unmask and reveal his identity to the world. He watched Iron Man imprison other heroes in the Negative Zone and wanted out. Iron Man wouldn’t take no for an answer and attacked him. This led to an assassin shooting Aunt May, which destroyed Spider-Man’s entire life.

Spider-Man Made A Deal With The Devil

When the assassin shot Aunt May, Spider-Man made what was the biggest mistake of his entire life. He wanted to make things stop, and unlike Spider-Man: No Way Home, where he got help from Doctor Strange, he made a deal with the devil in Mephisto instead.

Spider-Man and Mary Jane agreed to a deal with Mephisto, where he would save Aunt May’s life as long as Peter and Mary Jane had their entire relationship erased. This brought back people like Harry Osborn and started the Brand New Day storyline (one Spider-Man moment many fans want to forget).

Peter Parker Ruined His Marriage With Mary Jane Watson

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are no longer together in Marvel Comics. Spider-Man is at odds with his own friends, including The Fantastic Four. There is one big twist to this storyline. No one knows why.

Spider-Man knows what mistakes he made to ruin his marriage and lose his closest allies. However, Marvel Comics did a time jump and have left Spider-Man’s mistake a mystery. It was something big though, and from the outcome, it might be his biggest blunder of them all.

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