6 of The Best Sports Medicine Degree Programs of 2024

There are a lot of medical programs to choose from with more specialties opening up every year. Sports medicine falls among the top choices amongst those entering the medical field in 2024. Like with any career choice, it is critical to select a degree program that offers a comprehensive education and quality access to updated facilities, research, and techniques. Here are our top picks of the top six sports medicine programs of 2024.


There is more to working in this field than earning a generous sports medicine salary. The University of Southern California is one of the schools to attend when looking for a quality sports medicine program. The school offers students access to both research-based and clinical-based learning approaches which is rare. The faculty members are among the top performers in the field, and the facilities are state-of-the-art.

UNC-Chapel Hill

North Carolina is home to a variety of strong medical programs, including the sports medicine program at UNC Chapel Hill. They place a lot of emphasis on clinical experience as well as hands-on learning. Students at Chapel Hill will work with athletes of all levels which gives them an edge when entering the workforce.

Ohio State

For students interested in a sports medicine program that offers a dual focus, Ohio State is worth considering. The facilities are top notch and many of the research programs are on the cutting edge of innovation. Acceptance rates are also higher than other metropolitan schools which is a bonus.

Ann Arbor – University of Michigan

The University of Michigan has one of the most well-respected sports medicine programs in the country. The university offers both research-based learning and clinical-focused learning opportunities to suit students of all backgrounds. Entry into the program is highly competitive with admission essay lengths ranging as high as twelve pages. Many graduates have been known to gain placement with professional sports teams and other high-profile positions.

Miami University

Miami is not only a place for partygoers and retirees. It is also one of the premier destinations for aspiring medical students who want to focus on sports medicine. The University of Miami mainly focuses on the clinical side of the field and strongly emphasizes teaching hands-on medicine. This is essential when for students who plan to focus on injury prevention, rehab, and holistic treatment.

University of Maryland – College Park

Students who are ready to pursue a master’s in the field of sports medicine should take a closer look at UMD. The College Park campus is close to area hospitals, clinics, and outreach programs which is ideal for gaining hands-on experience. The program also offers plenty of research opportunities and internship opportunities for aspiring medical professionals.

The Bottom Line

A student’s needs will determine which sports medicine program will help them reach their career goals. The schools mentioned above are among the top-rated for 2024 and will appeal to a wide range of aspiring sports medicine students. It is always best to speak with an educational advisor and peruse what each school has to offer before making a final decision.


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