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Strange New Worlds Actor Encourages Nic Cage’s Love Of Star Trek


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Anson Mount responds to Nicolas Cage’s recent Star Trek fan confession, encouraging the actor to join the franchise.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount responds to Nicolas Cage’s recent confession about being a longtime Star Trek fan, encouraging the actor to make an appearance in the sci-fi franchise. Mount first joined Star Trek as Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek: Discovery season 2, before reprising his role in Strange New Worlds in 2022. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds explores the journey of the USS Enterprise during Pike’s tenure as captain, prior to the events of the original 1966 series, depicting both younger versions of the original cast and all-new characters before William Shatner’s James Kirk takes the captain’s chair.


Through his personal Twitter account, Mount shares his own enthusiastic response to Cage’s recent Star Trek comments, in which the actor expressed his personal history and enjoyment of the sci-fi franchise.

In the tweet above, Mount quote-tweeted a segment of Cage’s recent interview. In his response, the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds lead tagged series co-creator Akiva Goldsman, urging him to reach out to Cage and offer him a role in the franchise.

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How Nicolas Cage Can Join The Star Trek Franchise

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While Cage may not yet have appeared in the Star Trek franchise in any capacity, there are numerous ways he can make an appearance. The long-running sci-fi franchise is no stranger to famous fans making appearances in the universe, as seen with Stacey Abrams’ Star Trek: Discovery cameo during the season 4 finale, “Coming Home,” in which she portrayed the United Earth president. If Cage were to prefer to make a small, brief appearance, the actor could make a surprise cameo in a Star Trek show, with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds perhaps being the best for him to appear in due to it being more closely tied to the era of the franchise he mentioned being a fan of.

However, if he were to desire a more substantial role, the actor’s recent comments may have shed some light on what sort of character he could portray. In his response, Cage highlighted the political and sociological themes at the core of the franchise as one of the things that drew him to Star Trek above other space-faring franchises. One of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘ key story arcs is Una Chin-Riley’s struggles against Federation laws due to her Illyrian heritage, with the faction having imposed heavy restrictions on species who embrace body modifications. With Una’s struggle being at the forefront of her arc following her arrest in the season 1 finale, Cage could portray a character involved in the discussions about the Illyrians and the Federations’ further views of augmented species, allowing him to take part in an area of the franchise that caught his attention.

Cage is undoubtedly a beloved actor within the entertainment industry due to his incredibly memorable performances, which have further allowed him to build up a dedicated fanbase of his own. As such, the prospect of him appearing in a Star Trek series will not only be appealing to Mount and Star Trek fans, but could allow the actor’s own audience to see how he’d approach a role within the universe. And with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 promising bigger adventures and expansions of the Star Trek universe, now is a perfect time for the star to make even just a brief appearance in the long-running franchise.

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