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5 Ultimate Ideas to Plan a Stylish Bachelor Pad Bathroom

When you are living alone in your bachelor pad, you definitely want complete functionality in the place. You don’t have time for more activities and more maintenance. And that is why you need to have a bathroom that doesn’t require too much love and care for maintenance. At the same time, you would surely want a place that will reflect your masculine nature and characteristics of yours. So, the décor of the bathroom should be the perfect definition of masculinity too. 

So, when you are going to design a bathroom like that, what do you need to do? The bathroom is not just about the sinks, tubs and toilet. This is the place where you begin your day. And that is why this should be not only functional but also positive and good looking so that when you are there, you feel positive about starting your day. So, how can you plan the bathroom décor? Take a look.

The Look and Color

When you are planning the bathroom, what color have you chosen for the place? As this is a bathroom of a bachelor, you need to go for something that will exude the charm of masculinity. And for that going for darker shades will be a good idea. Dark grey, slate, black or dark blue can be the best options you can pick. For the floor and the tiles, these colors will be your best choices. 

The Color of Vanity

The bathroom vanity will take the space of pride in your bathroom. This is the most important fixture that you will need to ensure complete functionality, organization and style. The bathroom vanity should be visually aesthetic too. So, when you are choosing the vanity, you need to know what color you will choose. When you are going for rich dark shades for the tiles, walls, and flooring, you can go for vintage white cabinets that will create a stunning contrast with the décor of your bathroom. When you are choosing the color, you can go for black hardware like handles, knobs and faucets too. Vintage cabinet will stand out in your bathroom as the focal point.

The Style of Vanity

When you are looking for the right style for your discount bathroom vanities, you should go for something that will be very sleek, no-nonsense. And for that, floating vanities are the best choices. These vanities will come with no leg. They will be fixed on the wall. As a result, they will offer more foot space inside the bathroom. Also, cleaning and maintaining a bathroom with floating vanity is very easy. So, when you are getting your hands on discount bathroom cabinets, you need to customize the vanity as per your requirements.

Bathroom Fittings

For bathroom fittings, you can go sleek and elegant. Choose steel for the fittings. If you are bold enough to make a great choice, then you can also go for the dark color fittings. They will blend effortlessly with the dark setting of the bathroom and will create the perfect masculine look. For the bathtub, you can choose contrast again. Go for a white bathtub that will again create a stunning contrasting effect in this space.

Clean Straight Lines

When you are choosing the sink, the toilet and the tub, along with the tiles, make sure that you are picking straight lines and flat panels. When it comes to the masculine style of your bathroom, these options will be perfect for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the best stores and get your hands on these options today. Create the perfect bachelor pad bathroom with these ideas.

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