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Superman’s New Mech Suit Upgrade Is the Perfect Twist On His Origin


In the latest issue of DC: Mech, Superman receives an unexpected upgrade that’s absolutely perfect for his new origins in this alternate DC Universe.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for DC: MECH #4

In the latest issue of DC: MECH, Superman receives the perfect upgrade for his Kryptonian battle armor in this alternate reality mirroring the world of Pacific Rim. Despite having come to Earth as an adult in this new timeline, Kal-El still finds his way to the Kent Farm all the same. Although his origins may be flipped and remixed, Jonathan and Martha Kent still play a major role in shaping Kal-El’s role as Superman (while also giving him the perfect addition to his alien battle mech).


In this alternate timeline, Darkseid and his colossal Parademons destroyed the JSA following the end of WWII. As such, the world became extremely focused on building machines capable of repelling the forces of Apokolips should they ever return. Mech suits became the dominant power in this timeline rather than superheroes and their powers. While Bruce Wayne, Princess Diana, Wally West, Hal Jordan, and John Stewart all became gifted pilots manning mechs resembling their superhero counterparts in the primary DC timeline, an adult Kal-El arrived just ahead of Darkseid’s forces having been sent in a Kryptonian battle mech built by his birth parents to make sure others worlds would not meet the same fate as Krypton (which was destroyed by Darkseid). However, Superman was incredibly reckless and didn’t work well with his new squadron, resulting in his mech becoming damaged and crashlanding right in the middle of the Kent Farm.

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Now, the new DC: MECH #4 from Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivas sees Kal-El living with Jonathan and Martha Kent while he repairs his mech. Despite not being his adoptive parents like in the main DC timeline they still offer him a home, something he’d never had before as the majority of his life had been inside a mech hurtling through space. Not only does Kal-El now have a personal reason to fight for Earth in the battle against Darkseid, it’s also revealed that Martha herself built a new engine for his mech, allowing Superman back in the fight.

Superman and His Mech Find Their Humanity Thanks To The Kents

It seems as though the Kents’ massive love and generosity will always be exactly what Superman needs to become the hero he’s meant to be, regardless of the timeline. Likewise, the symbolism behind a man-made engine inside a Kryptonian-made mech is absolutely perfect. It’s representative of Superman himself: while he may be an alien, he was raised to be human.

Having repaired his mech and reunited with the rest of the Justice Squadron by the issue’s end, Superman is in a much better position to be a far more effective teammate than he was before. While it might not have been as a child, crash landing and meeting the Kents still served to be just as formative to Kal-El’s evolution into the Man of Steel. DC: MECH #4 is on sale now.

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