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The 10 Best New TV Shows To Watch On Paramount Plus This Month (Updated April 2023)


Paramount Plus is quickly becoming one of the most interesting streaming services available with some of the best TV. With its reasonable subscription fee and mix of classic content and new originals, the number of subscribers will likely only increase in the coming years. Paramount Plus is primarily known as the home for Star Trek among TV fans, but the streaming platform has a lot more to offer.

In addition to original content created for the platform, Paramount Plus also streams content from networks owned by or affiliated with Paramount. Subscribers have access to shows that originally aired on CBS and MTV. The library of available content grows on a monthly basis, and the best TV shows on Paramount Plus include a mix of content available all at once and shows streaming on a weekly basis.

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10 Broad City (2014-2019)

Abbi and Ilana on a New York street in Broad City

  • Seasons 1-5 are available to stream on April 5

Broad City began as a web series, but it was so successful that Comedy Central picked it up as a half-hour sitcom. Now, fans can see the entirety of it as one of the best new TV shows on Paramount+. The series follows Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson as twenty-something best friends just trying to get by in New York. The series takes some of the smallest milestones in life, like doing taxes for the first time, and turns them into comedy events.

9 Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies (2023 – )

Jason Schmidt, Marisa Davila, Ari Notartomaso, Shanel Bailey, Tricia Fukuhara, and Cheyenne Isabel Wells in Grease Rise of the Pink Ladies
Jason Schmidt, Marisa Davila, Ari Notartomaso, Shanel Bailey, Tricia Fukuhara, and Cheyenne Isabel Wells in Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

  • Season 1 is available to stream weekly beginning April 6

If fans of Grease ever wanted a little backstory for just how the groups like the T-Birds and Pink Ladies came to be, this new series is for them. The new Paramount+ original follows a whole new group of characters, specifically young women, as they push back against societal norms and create the Pink Ladies. The series is also particularly interesting for modern audiences because it features women of color and nonbinary individuals in the Pink Ladies lineup, allowing for more diverse stories to be told instead of simply drawing the lines between the “cool kids” and the “nerdy kids” that Grease initially did.

8 Yonder (2022)

A South Korean couple with blankets over their shoulders as they sit outside in Yonder

  • Season 1 is available to stream April 11

Yonder joins a group of South Korean series that Paramount+ picked up for the platform from CJ ENM and Doodoong Pictures. The decision to bring all the series to the platform at once helps to diversify the lineup of new shows on the streamer, and is an exciting direction for the platform. While Yonder is a relatively short series at only six episodes, it’s a science fiction story about grief and life after death that makes the audience think. In it, Jae Hyun (Shin Ha-kyun) is grieving the loss of his wife when he gets a surprising email from her that encourages him to join her in a world built from her memories. Desperate to find his wife again, he decides to go, but it might not be exactly what he expects.

7 Signal (2016)

Different detectives sharing a toast in two different time periods divided by a thin line in promotional art for the South Korean series Signal

  • Season 1 is available to stream April 11

Another South Korean series being brought to Paramount+, Signal is also a science fiction series. This K-drama has a time travel element. It follows two different detectives, one from the past, and one from the present. The twist is that the two are connected to one another by the same signal from a walkie-talkie. They use the connection to try to work together to solve a seemingly unsolvable old murder case. The younger detective in the present (Lee Jehoon) was a child at the time the murder victim was abducted – and witnessed it. The older detective (Cho Jin-woong) was originally assigned to the case, giving them unique perspectives on the investigation. It’s already one of the best new drama series being added to Paramount+.

6 Voice (2017-2021)

Two first responders talking in the South Korean series Voice

  • Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream April 11

Voice is similar to the US series 9-1-1, which follows the lives of first responders, from the dispatchers in the call center all the way to the officers and paramedics on the ground. The South Korean series focuses specifically on the employees in an emergency call center who have limited resources to work with but are personally motivated to track down a serial killer that changed their lives. The series ran for four seasons in South Korea, but only the first two will be available on Paramount+ in April.

5 Save Me (2017-2019)

Save Me title card from CJ ENM Studio featuring one young woman behind a locked gate and three young men in front of it

  • Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream April 11

The last of the four South Korean series that Paramount+ will add on April 11 is Save Me. For two seasons, the series follows a family’s involvement with a cult. It’s after a move to a small town that the family becomes embroiled in the cult, and they don’t know who they can trust. Every city government official seems to be in the cult’s pocket, leaving them at a loss. It’s a thriller that will certainly make the audience think.

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4 Rugrats (2021- )

The babies escaping their play pen in the 2022 Rugrats series

  • Season 2 will be available to stream on April 14

A lot of original Nickelodeon content is available on Paramount+, and that includes the original Rugrats television series that began airing in 1991. This new Rugrats series, however, is a mix of the old and new, creating a fun series for modern kids, or for adults who want to relive their childhood. The series is now computer animated and sees a few changes from the original that help to update the characters and stories for the 30-year jump. Fans who loved seeing what adventures the babies got into in the original series will see that they’re having just as much fun in the reboot, which continues with its second season this month.

3 The Adventures Of Paddington (2019 – )

Paddington waving in The Adventures of Paddington

  • Season 2 will be available to stream on April 19

Created for Nick Jr., the first two seasons of The Adventures Of Paddington have already aired on television. Now, fans of the bear can relive those adventures. Inspired by the Michael Bond books and the live-action movies, this animated series sees Paddington tackle new tasks, like learning about the tooth fairy or becoming a secret agent. It’s perfect for kids and families or kids at heart and definitely one of the best children’s tv shows on Paramount+

2 Mike Judge’s Beavis And Butt-head (2022 – )

Beavis and Butt-head on the couch in the 2022 animated series

  • The first two episodes of Season 2 will be available to stream on April 20

Beavis and Butt-head became 1990s icons with their unique humor and animation style. They returned for a revival series in 2022 on Paramount+, proving that the creative team hasn’t missed a beat. If fans can’t get enough of their adventures and attempts to one-up each other, the original MTV animated series and the animated movies that followed are all available on Paramount+ as well.

1 Fatal Attraction (2022 – )

Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest and Joshua Jackson as Dan Gallagher in Fatal Attraction

  • The first two episodes will be available to stream on April 30 with new episodes following weekly

Originally a novel by James Dearden, Fatal Attraction has been adapted into a movie before with Glenn Close and Michael Douglas as a couple that engages in an affair that turns into obsession. The series will allow the writers to get more in-depth than a feature-length film. Starring Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson in the roles Close and Douglas originated, the series is packed with talent. Interestingly, the series is set to take a slightly different storytelling approach, exploring the effects of the affair, not just the affair itself.


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