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The 10 Best Tweets About Klaus & Caroline


AMC’s Interview With The Vampire again brings vampire book-to-screen adaptations back to the forefront of television, a feat previously accomplished by the highly successful The Vampire Diaries. Of course, something that stood out from that series was its ability to reform even the most merciless of monsters through its popular fan ships, the epitome of which is Klaus with Caroline.

From their unresolved tension in the original series to their too-brief moments of rekindling in The Originals, Klaus and Caroline had a very intense, passionate, and yet unfulfilled romance, but a meaningful relationship nonetheless, with many tweets to commemorate it.


Klaus and Caroline’s palpable chemistry and tension made them one of the series’ most popular ships, often even overshadowing the central Stelena and Delena arguments.

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The immense love for Klaroline is highlighted perfectly here in this tweet from Joseph himself. Not only does his tweet showcase how well-received Klaus and Caroline’s pairing was by fans across the globe, but in doing so it also emphasizes the potential the two had early in 2012’s season three which marked the start of their attraction.

True Romantics

Although their relationship did not get as much time to develop as others, it’s evident that Klaus and Caroline shared a deep connection and were able to be vulnerable and understanding with each other.

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This is shown especially in their exchanged letters. Just as Klaus’ letter offered hope and aid for Caroline, Caroline’s letter consoled him after the heartbreaking death of Hayley, who was in many ways perfect for Klaus. Their letters prove that they have a bond of respect, empathy, and timeless romance.

In An Alternate Universe

Despite the plethora of the best Klaus and Caroline episodes in The Vampire Diaries, the two were never shown to pursue a meaningful and lasting relationship, much to the chagrin of fans.

However, the tenth episode of Legaciesgave fans a small glimpse of what could have been through a newspaper that hinted at the two being together in an alternate universe. While Lizzie returns to her universe by the end, some Klaroline shippers happily remain there, where their favorite ship was endgame.

Klaroline Over Steroline

Although Stefan and Caroline were one of The Vampire Diaries‘ highest-ranking couples, many fans believed the two were better off as friends rather than lovers – this is especially true for viewers who shipped Klaus and Caroline.

While Stefan and Caroline end up getting married, fans were still unconvinced of their potential as a romantic relationship, arguing that Klaroline’s chemistry is unmatched. Plus, Klaus was shown time and again to always prioritize Caroline and see her in all the ways she always wanted to be seen, unlike Stefan who repeatedly put Damon or Elena first.


One of the biggest appeals of Klaus and Caroline’s relationship was how Klaus, the ruthless Original and hybrid, changed when he was around Caroline.

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He often showed her a side of him that no one else saw in The Vampire Diaries, whether it be his love for art or his ability to be a vulnerable, kind, and hopeless romantic. His infamous line, quoted in this tweet, was one of the many moments where he showed Caroline who he was willing to be for her.

Stefan Out Of The Picture

Klaus had an interesting and complicated relationship with the younger Salvatore brother; while he was one of Stefan’s lower-ranking friendships in The Vampire Diaries thanks to Klaus’ manipulative and toxic nature – Klaus is shown on many occasions to consider Stefan a friend and confidant.

Stefan’s eventual feelings for Caroline further complicate their friendship, as hilariously shown in this tweet. Despite their mutual affection for Stefan, the Salvatore was a hindrance to Klaus and Caroline’s relationship, undoubtedly earning mixed feelings from Klaus regarding his death.

Best Part Of Every Episode

While they may not have gotten a happy ending, Klaus and Caroline still had countless cute and worthwhile moments, as evidenced by the many essential episodes for Klaroline shippers.

Often, their brief but charming interactions featured as a redeeming factor for many episodes, including the series’ heartbreaking finale. Amidst the loss of Stefan and the emotional last episode, Klaus’ letter to Caroline served as a saving grace as well as reigniting hope for the future of Klaroline.

Defending Caroline

While most of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries got to see a more sinister and selfish side of Klaus, Caroline was one person whom he cared greatly for.

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Once Klaus realized his feelings for Caroline, he did not stand for anyone hurting or disrespecting Caroline on his watch, as accurately shown in this tweet. His open feelings and protective nature towards her were key factors in their relationship and part of what led to fans considering him to be the best partner for Caroline.

Caroline’s Dilemma

Caroline Forbes is shown to be a very careful and composed main character, as shown in Caroline’s many wisest quotes throughout the series.

Her practical personality proves to be her best friend when it comes to rejecting Klaus, but also her own worst enemy when it comes to admitting the strong feelings she has for him and pursuing what may have been the best of her relationships. Her constant inner turmoil when it comes to Klaus is shown in this tweet, highlighting how complicated Klaroline was despite its potential.

The Fact The Ship Wasn’t Endgame

Even with their obvious and genuine connection, along with their great chemistry and numerous intimate moments, Klaus and Caroline never got to be endgame.

The two were constantly used as fan bait throughout the entire The Vampire Diaries universe – whether it was their initial tension, reuniting in The Originals, or the newspaper Easter egg in Legacies – however, they never officially got together. This tweet not only emphasizes what a disservice this was for their characters but also how popular and adored Klaroline remains as a superior ship, even after all these years.

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