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The 10 Most Disappointing James Bond Movies, According To Reddit


In a recent interview with The New York Times, M actor Ralph Fiennes disclosed his thoughts on the death of James Bond at the end of No Time to Die. Fiennes called the death “a bold and strong decision” on the part of the filmmakers, but not every Bond fan felt that way. While some Bond films have been ranked among the greatest action movies ever made, like Goldfinger and The Spy Who Loved Me, some entries in the franchise have disappointed audiences.

From Octopussy to Die Another Day to Diamonds Are Forever to, indeed, No Time to Die, plenty of Bond movies have disappointed Redditors over the years.


10/10 Moonraker (1979)

James Bond on a spaceship in Moonraker

Redditor u/amazonfan1972 writes that Moonraker is, “without a doubt,” the most disappointing Bond film. Released on the heels of Star Wars, Moonraker cashed in on the ensuing sci-fi trend by sending 007 to outer space. The Redditor argues that in its “pre-space” sequences, “it was arguably one of the all-time great Bond films.”

But the Redditor felt that the movie went off the rails when Bond left the Earth’s atmosphere: “Once the film went into outer space, it became absurd and lost any claims to greatness.”

9/10 Quantum Of Solace (2008)

Bond and Camille in the desert in Quantum of Solace

After Daniel Craig’s tenure as 007 got off to a terrific start with the gritty realism of Casino Royale, the critical response took a nosedive with his second outing, Quantum of Solace. The main criticism of Quantum of Solace is that it’s just a generic action thriller, not a Bond film.

According to Redditor u/Famous-Personality58, “Quantum of Solace fell apart after the car chase scene,” although it “got better later in the movie” before culminating in “the worst ending of any Bond film.”

8/10 Octopussy (1983)

James Bond disguised as a clown in Octopussy

Although it has some standout set-pieces, like the climactic sequence on an airborne airplane, Octopussy is generally regarded to be one of the weakest Bond movies, thanks to silly scenes like 007’s clown disguise and Roger Moore’s much-maligned Tarzan yell.

Redditor u/BrendanInJersey pinpointed the moment that Octopussy becomes irredeemable, saying that it “falls off pretty sharply after the auction.”

7/10 Skyfall (2012)

Bond and M in the countryside in Skyfall

After the disappointment of Quantum of Solace, Skyfall was considered to be a return to form for the franchise, striking the perfect balance between the gritty realism established by Casino Royale and the series’ classically goofy tone. But it wasn’t to every Bond fan’s tastes.

According to Redditor u/anubis2051, “I think I’ve fallen asleep through the middle part of Skyfall 100% of the times I’ve watched it. I feel like I’ve never seen the Macau parts.”

6/10 The Living Daylights (1987)

James Bond assassinates a target in The Living Daylights

Timothy Dalton was praised for a darker portrayal of Bond that was more faithful to the source material in The Living Daylights. But Redditor u/Cyborg800_2004 feels that the film’s second half lets it down.

The Redditor writes that The Living Daylights’ “more repetitive action-heavy second half” is not necessarily “bad” – and adds that “the plane fight in TLD is one of the best in the franchise” – but notes that the second half “pales in comparison to the first half, which is amazing.”

5/10 Die Another Day (2002)

James Bond drinking a martini in Die Another Day

After GoldenEye was widely praised and Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough were met with a more mixed response, Die Another Day was the first Pierce Brosnan Bond movie to be universally panned (and ended up being his final outing in the role).

Redditor u/PPK_30 writes that Die Another Day has an “excellent first half” with a “great pre-title sequence, good action scene with the swordfight and escaping the hospital on the boat and everything.” But the Redditor adds that when Bond goes to Iceland, “it all falls to s***.”

4/10 Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

James Bond with a gun in Diamonds Are Forever

Sean Connery’s groundbreaking initial run in the role of 007 came to an unceremonious end in Diamonds Are Forever. Redditor u/Cyborg800_2004 lists some highlights of the film, writing that the “first half is actually good fun” with “witty dialogue,” “classic moments like Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd’s introduction [and] the elevator fight,” and “another wonderful score from John Barry.”

But the Redditor feels that this strong first half is let down by a weak second half that’s “a cheap-looking, underwhelming conclusion… and a poor send-off for the original Bond.”

3/10 Spectre (2015)

James Bond in the snow with a gun in Spectre

After Skyfall clawed back some critical favor, the follow-up Spectre was once again met with negative reviews. According to Redditor u/IncrediblySadMan, the first half of Spectre is “genuinely good, exciting, and intriguing,” but when Bond and his latest love interest Dr. Madeleine Swann arrive at L’Americain, “I go to sleep.”

The Redditor felt that this was “the opposite of Skyfall, which is sleepy in the first half,” but becomes “top-tier” when 007 returns to London.

2/10 A View To A Kill (1985)

James Bond with a gun in A View to a Kill

The Moore era came to its own unceremonious Die Another Day-style conclusion with the absurdity of A View to a Kill. The film has some defenders, but Redditor u/grproutymcustarwars is not one of them.

The Redditor writes that the movie is “okay to start,” but with plot points like “the mine and the blimp and the plot to flood Silicon Valley,” the film goes “off the rails for me!”

1/10 No Time To Die (2021)

James Bond on a bridge in No Time to Die

Craig’s fifth and final film in the role of Bond, No Time to Die, divided the fan base when it finally arrived in theaters last year. Redditor u/greengusher26 was one of the fans disappointed by it. The Redditor writes, “Up through the Cuba sequence, I was thinking this might be the best Craig outing,” thanks to “exciting camerawork and extremely satisfying action set-pieces.”

But the Redditor continues, “Then it slogged through another 90+ minutes or so of the half-baked villainous plan to kill everyone in the world for what reason?”

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