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The 10 Most Powerful Jutsu in Naruto History


Naruto is a series infamous for its myriad of powerful jutsu which range from abilities as niche as chakra-eating beetles to overwhelming displays of power in the form of mountain-carving chakra avatars. There are a select few jutsus, however, that stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to factors such as power, speed, and versatility.

This list counts down the top ten most powerful jutsu ever to grace the Naruto series. Additionally, this list will not contain techniques that debuted in Boruto, as many of those abilities exist on a plane of their own at this point in time.

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10 Particle Style: Atomic Dismantling Jutsu

Atomic Dismantling Jutsu

It becomes extremely apparent that there was an astronomical level of power creep in Naruto when the tenth most powerful ability is quite literally dismantling someone at the atomic level. Particle Style, also known as Dust Release, is a mixture of Earth, Wind, and Fire style chakra natures. The technique creates a small three-dimensional object in the center of one’s palm, typically a cube, cone, or cylinder, and launching the shape at blazing speeds toward its target. Once contact is made, the shape will then consume the target and dismantle their atomic structure, dissipating them entirely. Thus far, the only known counters for this technique are to be able to negate chakra in some manner or…not get hit by it.

9 Tsukuyomi


The 9th most powerful jutsu in Naruto traps its victim in a world of illusions, where time passes differently and reality is distorted. Tuskuyomi is a genjutsu tied specifically to Itachi Uchiha’s Mangekyo Sharingan. This jutsu manipulates the chakra flow in the opponent’s brain, creating a virtual reality that is indistinguishable from the real world. In this world, the victim is at the mercy of the user who can inflict pain, torture, or even death upon them countless times. This technique is so potent, in fact, that in Itachi’s light novel, he was said to have allowed a girl to live out her entire life in .000000001 seconds before she collapsed and died immediately.

8 The Eight Inner Gates

The Eight Inner Gates

The Eight Gates are a series of chakra stoppages located throughout the body that inhibit the flow of chakra where they exist. Ordinarily, a ninja would only be capable of using a fraction of their body’s full potential thanks to these gates, but through intense training, anyone can unlock the Eight Gates and achieve truly monstrous levels of power. A complete failure of a ninja, Might Duy, was able to single-handedly hold off the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist once he opened all Eight Gates. Naruto’s Might Guy was able to go from knocking down walls with his Dynamic Entry to putting a hole in the chest of the strongest ninja ever to walk the face of the Earth with a lethal kick empowered by unlocking all Eight Gates. The fact that seemingly any ninja can attain power that surpasses even the Kages just through the Eight Gates alone warrants this advanced taijutsu’s spot among the most powerful jutsu.

7 Flying Thunder God Technique

Flying Raijin Jutsu

The Flying Thunder God Jutsu is a ridiculously powerful ninjutsu invented by the Second Hokage that allows the user to teleport themselves and others to any location they have marked with a seal beforehand. Though it was invented by the Second, Naruto’s Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze is rightfully credited with perfecting the jutsu. Minato’s prowess with this technique earned him the moniker “The Yellow Flash,” as that was all his enemies would see before being cut down. This move may very well be one of the most versatile techniques in the series as it offers near-unparalleled positional ability and is even fast enough to intercept Madara’s Truth Seeking Orbs right in front of Might Guy while he was using the Gate of Death.

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6 Sage Mode

Sage Mode

Sage Mode is a technique that allows the user to tap into the power of nature and become one with it. This technique involves gathering natural energy and merging it with their own chakra, allowing the user to gain a massive increase in power and sensory capabilities. This boost in power and perception is so massive that Naruto was able to sense a war going on halfway across the world while in Sage Mode. This technique is also one of the only ways to combat a user of Yin Yang Release, which nullifies all other ninjutsu.

5 Susanoo / Chakra Avatar / Veritable Thousand Armed Kan’on

Susanoo Nine Tails Versus Hashirama

While the Veritable Thousand Armed Kan’on is arguably the most powerful of these three abilities, due in part to its ability to subdue a Susanoo cloaked Nine Tails, these three techniques are all extremely similar to the point where it should be fair to group them together here. In essence, these techniques summon a massive avatar using enormous amounts of chakra in order to do battle. Battles that involve avatars of this scale are said to completely reshape the surrounding landscape, as seen at the Valley of the End and when Madara unsheathes his True Susanoo’s blade, bisecting an entire mountain range in the process.

4 Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation

Impure World Reincarnation

This technique is one of the most iconic and powerful in all of Naruto, as the entire last saga of the series was centered around one man’s ability to use it. The Impure World Reincarnation is a technique invented by Naruto’s Second Hokage, which was then modified by Orochimaru and learned by his assistant Kabuto. This ability is completely ridiculous and could easily be higher up on the list if used efficiently. Despite its power when used in droves, the technique is also slightly bottlenecked by its prerequisites- gathering the DNA of whoever needs reviving as well as obtaining human sacrifices is theoretically no easy task but even Kabuto was able to create a nigh unkillable army with just this move alone. The power to bring back some of the most monstrous shinobi of all time in peak condition, with no time limit, and adding the ability to self-revive on top of that is so outrageous, it’s a wonder this ability didn’t outright decimate the Great Shinobi Alliance.

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3 Limbo

Madara Limbo-1

Limbo, also known as Wheel Grave Hengoku, is the creation of an invisible clone that somehow exists on the physical plane but cannot be interacted with through normal means. This means that with the usage of Limbo, any battle immediately becomes a fight against one to four other invisible enemies who can attack but can’t be touched unless their opponent has either the Rinnegan or possesses Nature Energy, two of the rarest abilities in the entire series. Though the full extent of Limbo clones was never seen, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to their power compared to that of the summoner, and there could have theoretically been four invisible mountain-carving Perfect Susanoos to take care of if Madara cared enough not to hold back for his own entertainment.

2 Truth Seeking Orbs

Truth Seeking Orbs

What if a Tailed Beast Bomb was also completely indestructible, negated all other forms of ninjutsu, and could be reshaped anyway you so desired with just your mind? Well, then that might come close to a sixth of the power of the Truth Seeking Orbs, because these are undeniably some of the most nonsensically powerful objects in all of Naruto. The moment Obito unveiled the Truth Seeking Orbs, 99% of the Great Shinobi Alliance immediately became utterly useless, as the only way to combat these orbs is through the use of Nature Energy or insanely high-level taijutsu. The Truth Seeking Orbs represent the highest level of shape transformation in the series, allowing characters to mold objects comprised of all five basic elemental chakras to their whim.

1 Kamui


If every other ocular jutsu got the same amount of attention as the Sharingan’s array of techniques, a certain member of the Hyuga clan might still be alive. Obito Uchiha’s Kamui in particular is one of the most absurdly powerful in all of Naruto for the simple fact that there is zero counterplay to this ability. Readers of Naruto might instantly recall Obito being nailed with a Rasengan mid-Kamui during his battle with Naruto and Kakashi, but this was only thanks to…his own ability in Kakashi’s eye. When both aspects of Kamui are combined, this technique is the ultimate offense and defense without any drawback but exhaustion. Kamui can instantly remove an enemy from the battlefield while simultaneously allowing the user to avoid any and all damage.

The world of Naruto is filled with powerful jutsus that have completely reshaped the surrounding story. Itachi Uchiha famously once said “every jutsu has a weakness” but it has become apparent this statement applies to some techniques more than others by a mile. In the end, Naruto‘s most powerful jutsus are one of the elements which make it such a memorable series.

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