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The Batman Is A Gotham City Horror Movie In Clever Scream 6 Trailer Edit


Matt Reeves’ The Batman gets a horror-inspired twist in a brand new edit that puts Robert Pattinson’s Batman in the recent Scream VI trailer.

The Batman gets a horror-inspired twist in a new edit that puts Robert Pattinson’s Batman in the recent Scream 6 trailer. Earlier this year, Pattinson became the latest actor to serve as Gotham’s protector as The Batman hit theaters and enjoyed a successful box office run. Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman also stars Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, and Jeffrey Wright, and follows a young Bruce Wayne in his second year as the Dark Knight, as he is faced with his biggest challenge yet, a serial killer known as The Riddler.


Another of 2022’s big releases, Scream (2022), was recently followed up by the much-anticipated trailer for its sequel, Scream 6. Now, Jaxson Derr has created a clever mash-up between The Batman and Scream VI, posing Pattinson’s Batman as the villain. Derr has spliced together the text cards from the Scream VI trailer with moments from one of The Batman’s earlier scenes. The result is an eerie trailer that drops Gotham right in the center of a horror film, with commenters on the clip sharing their desire to one day see a Batman horror film. Check out the edit below.

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The Batman Was Pretty Much A Horror Movie Already

Batman in the Riddler's apartment in The Batman

Although a horror film set in Gotham would likely be an interesting concept, The Batman is already infused with several horror-inspired elements that give Bruce Wayne’s story a much more terrifying tone overall. Aside from the fact it served as one of the darkest Batman stories to ever grace the big screen, thanks to its detective-noir feel, The Riddler was a particularly menacing villain. Dano’s bone-chilling performance impacted audiences in a big way with his unnerving realism, although even Pattinson’s Batman was a darker, grittier iteration of the beloved comic-book hero.

Reeves even referred to The Batman as “almost a horror movie” during his promotional run for the film, with the director citing various sources of inspiration, including Stephen King’s Christine for this version of the Batmobile. The Batman has also drawn comparisons to films such as David Fincher’s Se7en and John Carpenter’s Halloween, while the real-life murderer, the Zodiac killer, inspired Dano’s Riddler. While The Batman certainly cannot be pigeonholed into just one genre, there is undoubtedly an overwhelming lean into the more horrifying aspects of Pattinson’s Gotham, and this is sure to continue as Reeves looks to explore both this character and this world further in The Batman 2.

Everything We Know About The Batman 2

The Batman movie image

This epic mash-up of Scream VI and The Batman is very clever, and it’s interesting that the scenes used from The Batman barely required any editing to fit the horror tone of the edit. As for just what is known about Reeves’ much-anticipated follow-up, The Batman 2, very little has been revealed, although both Pattinson and Kravitz are set to return. The Batman’s ending introduced an interesting new villain in Barry Keoghan’s Joker. Therefore it’s expected that The Batman 2 will see him return. Its also been confirmed that The Batman 2 is unlikely to release before 2025 at the earliest, so for now, there is still a long way to go until audiences return to Reeves’ Gotham.

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