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The best deals on Nintendo Switch game deals March 2022

Moonlighter is a game best described as a clever mashup of Zelda and Animal Crossing. Players find themselves filling the role of a humble shopkeeper by day, selling wares, trading with other vendors, and upgrading their store. During the wee hours of the night, however, your ambitious shopkeeper delves into the randomly generated dungeons around the town, collecting loot to craft higher quality items and sell during the day.

The dungeon crawling element of the game will feel familiar to anyone who has played any roguelike in the past several years, with top-down combat that looks and feels like early Zelda titles. Every run you make is about delving as deep as you can to get better loot without pushing your luck, as dying causes you to lose most of your goods.

What is really surprising is how well realized the shopkeeping element is. While most games simply have you drop off your loot for a modest amount of gold, Moonlighter has you setting prices for individual items, negotiating prices with customers, and keeping track of market trends.

Moonlighter: The Complete Edition includes the base game in addition to its expansion, Between Dimensions, and is an excellent value for anyone looking for a unique take on dungeon crawling roguelikes.

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