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The Best Genderless Fragrances

Of course, any fragrance can be for anyone of any gender. But not everyone wants to spritz themselves down with cloying, traditionally femine floral or the smoky, leathery blends our grandfathers used to wear. Things start to get interesting—and feel truly modern—in the androgynous in-betweens: where sweet meets woodsy and the heady aroma of flowers is tempered with the bite of fresh herbs. Here, our top six favorites that work for just about anybody.

Van Cleef & Arpels Bois Doré

This fragrance gives you the perfect blend of earthy, woodsy tones and soft vanilla accents that are sure to enchant any passer-by that happens to catch a whiff. Notes of pepper and amber linger long after application.

Agonist Parfums The Infidels

This one is all about inspirint passionate temptation. It’s loaded with notes of bourbon vanilla, Lebanese cedarwood, and magnolia—you may be tempted to buy two bottles!

Regime des Fleurs Cacti

This is the ideal scent when you’re looking for a pick-me-up. Shimmering notes of shiso, black tea, and jasmine sambac promote a uniquely refreshing feel that can only be found in nature. Bonus: the 100ml size is an excellent travel size.

Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne

Don’t let the sweetly simple name fool you: The scent is layered with fresh mint and zesty lemon notes, which keeps it bright, light and herbaceous.

Gucci Guilty

An iconic scent from an iconic fashion house. Notes of lavender and Amalfi lemon exude confidence, seductiveness and sophistication.

Frederic Malle The Superstitious

The concept behind this perfume is about expressing the subtle beauty of fabric and the way it lays on the body. With hints of rose oil, Egyptian jasmine, peach, amber, and frankincense, this heady mixture works well for both day and night.

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