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The Boys’ Temp V Subtly Fixes A Major Victoria Neuman Problem


Victoria Neuman is going to be the main villain of The Boys season 4, and although she’s powerful, Billy Butcher’s season 3 story has a solution.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Boys season 3!

Victoria Neuman is being set up as the main villain for The Boys season 4, and season 3’s Temp V has subtly fixed a major problem with her. Despite having already prominently appeared in The Boys, Victoria Neuman will be going full supervillain in season 4, but her powers present a unique challenge that The Boys will have to write around. However, the ending of The Boys season 3 may have already set up the solution to season 4’s Victoria Neuman issue in a much cleverer way than anyone expected.

Throughout The Boys season 3, Victoria is the head of the Federal Bureau of Super-Human affairs, working alongside Hughie in order to take the supes down. However, Hughie, Billy Butcher, and the rest of the gang slowly put together that Victoria Neuman isn’t as altruistic as she seems, learning that she is actually The Boys season 2’s villainous “Head-Popper“. Victoria Neuman ended The Boys season 3 by working together with The Seven in order to secure her vice-presidential candidacy, with The Boys figuring out that she will be a major threat in the future.

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Billy Butcher’s Brain Permanently Changed In The Season 3 Finale

Billy Butcher Powers

The Boys season 3 has an issue, and that’s the fact that Victoria Neuman is too powerful. She is seemingly able to pop people’s heads from anywhere, making it difficult to justify why she won’t just immediately kill The Boys in season 4. However, season 3’s Temp-V storyline already has a solution. In The Boys season 3, Hughie and Billy Butcher start taking Temp V, a temporary version of Vought’s Compound V that gives its users superpowers for a short amount of time. Hughie and Butcher use Temp V to take on Homelander and Soldier Boy, and although it is helpful in some situations, it also has dangerous side effects.

Starlight constantly warns Hughie and Butcher about the consequences of repeated Temp V use, but by the time Billy realizes it, it is too late. The Boys season 3 finale reveals that Temp V has permanently altered Butcher, with a doctor discovering that the serum has caused deadly tumors to grow all over Butcher’s brain. This revelation comes at the very end of The Boys season 3, meaning that it isn’t yet known how the tumors will affect Butcher in the future. However, Billy Butcher’s permanently altered brain will undoubtedly play into The Boys season 4 in a big way and could be the key to stopping Neuman.

Temp V’s Side Effects Could Block Victoria Neuman’s Powers

The Boys Season 3 Victoria Neuman

Billy Butcher’s Temp V brain tumors may actually be the perfect workaround for The Boys season 4’s Victoria Neuman problem. It seems unlikely that Butcher’s tumors are just regular tumors, as The Boys has extensively shown how dangerous and weird the side effects of Vought’s experimental drugs are. However, the side effects of Temp V could leave some traces of Compound V in his system, possibly enough to save him from Victoria Neuman’s head popping.

Considering that the tumors are on Butcher’s brain of all places, it would be way too much of a coincidence for them not to be a defense against Neuman’s head-popping powers. Even though he’s not sentenced to death, Hughie’s use of Temp V has also had some negative side effects, possibly enough to protect him from Neuman’s telepathic powers. Without a defense, The Boys season 4 would have to give some serious plot armor to The Boys in order to keep them alive, but it seems like Temp V’s side effects could be the perfect explanation.

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Will Billy Butcher Die In The Boys Season 4?

Billy Butcher in The Boys

Even though Billy Butcher may not die from Victoria Neuman, there is a big possibility that he could die in The Boys season 4. Billy Butcher has only been given 12 to 18 months to live, and with a year between The Boys seasons 2 and 3, it seems like season 4 may also have a time jump. The Boys season 4 isn’t supposed to be the show’s last, meaning that it would be weird to kill off a main character like Butcher with a good bit of story left to tell – yet this still seems like a distinct possibility.

However, there is one way that Billy Butcher could walk out of The Boys season 4 unscathed. There isn’t much known about the plot of The Boys season 4, with the show mostly deviating from the comic books. It’s possible that The Boys season 4 could follow Billy Butcher attempting to cure his tumors, as anything is possible in the world of The Boys. Sadly, though, Billy Butcher is currently on course to die in The Boys season 4 – but at least it won’t be from Victoria Neuman.

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