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The Coziest, Sexiest, Most Indulgent Valentine’s Day Gifts

My hot take is that I unabashedly love Valentine’s Day. Roses are beautiful! Cupid is cute! Red and pink are a color combination we should see more of! Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, and love is so much more than just being in a relationship. This February 14th, I hope you will celebrate by loving yourself, loving your friends, your family, and yes, if you have a partner, them too. As we know from TikTok, there are many love languages, but if your love language is gifts, here is a handy guide for all your Valentines.

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For a Mellow Evening

These crystalline gumdrops have a lovely tart, floral flavor and 20mg of CBD in each, perfect for unwinding with that special someone.

For the Perfect Red Lip

On Valentine’s Day, a red lip that doesn’t budge is worth its weight in gold. This sleek lip compact will give you a flawless pout all night long–no matter what you get up to.

For The Ultimate Valentine: Yourself

Everyone should buy themselves jewelry once in their life—shimmer with self-love in Presley Oldham’s stunning baroque pearl necklace.

An Eternal Bouquet

A rose bouquet will sadly wilt, but this sweatshirt from Jeremy O. Harris’ effervescent collaboration with SSENSE will last forever.

The Classic, With an Upgrade

It’s practically law that you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without chocolates. Louis Sherry’s beautiful tins are ones they’ll keep long after the last truffle is gone.

A Gift That Goes Both Ways

Whether you buy it to wear in front of someone or for someone to wear in front of you–lingerie is the ideal V Day gift. This cheeky bra is just as fun peeking out from a white button-down as it is on full display.

For The Valentine’s Day Grinch

Even if you hate Valentine’s Day, you can still set the mood for your sulking. Byredo’s ‘Loveless’ candle is scented with a sultry combo of tuberose and dark cedar, ideal for a cozy solo night.

For Turning Your Partner Into Your Bartender

With this subscription service, Al Culliton, a bartender and historian, will email your Valentine exquisitely detailed, themed cocktail recipes every month. Past month’s themes have included Midcentury Steakhouse, Autumn in New York, and Tiki Drinks of the ’30s and ‘40s.

From $15 for One Month to $180 for One Year, alscocktailclub.com

For Ultimate Kissability

This duo works to smooth and plump lips instantly. The scrub exfoliates any pesky dry skin, while the serum’s ultra-hydrating formula immediately reduces fine lines.

A Spritz of Romance

Envelop your lover in the juicy scent of cassis and roses. Liis’ fragrance is as seductive as their packaging is beautiful.

For Mom

Mom’s spent her whole life showering you with love, now it’s time to return the gesture. It doesn’t get more luxurious than a D. Porthault robe, perfect for the #1 lady in your life.

The Quickest Way to the Heart

Nothing says, “I love you” quite like pasta. Chef Missy Robbins’ newest bookwill teach them how to whip up anything from cacio e pepe to puttanesca. Pair it with a pasta machine and you just might get to reap the benefits.

For Getting Closer

This all-natural, lightly warming oil is formulated with vanilla (a natural aphrodisiac) and jasmine, an aroma traditionally used to deepen feelings of self-love and compassion.

Love Thyself

Already a fan of Gua Sha? Treat yourself to a night of pampering with Costa Brazil’s stainless steel Massage Tool, which is designed for lymphatic drainage not just on your face and neck, but your whole body.

For a Natural Flush

Not only does this liquid blush come in adorable, futuristic packaging, it’s also highly blendable and brightens up a wide variety of skin tones. Pick one up for your best friend or sister as a mood-lifting treat.

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