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The Flash’s Mother Wasn’t Killed For The Reason Fans Believe


The Flash’s mother died for a reason fans never saw coming as The Flash #45 reveals Reverse-Flash actually had bigger plans than murder.

It seems that the Flash’s mother wasn’t the target the Reverse-Flash was after all. The Flash #45 reveals that Nora Allen was just one part of a larger plan for Eobard Thawne to make his longtime enemy truly suffer.

The Fastest Man Alive has numerous enemies that would love nothing more than to see him dead, but none more than the Reverse-Flash. Once one of the Flash’s biggest fanboys, Eobard Thawne did everything he could to copy his hero, right down to gaining speed powers for himself. Unfortunately, after discovering he was destined to become the Flash’s greatest villain, Thawne snapped and dedicated his life to destroying Barry Allen. However, he couldn’t kill his fallen idol without interrupting the timeline and preventing himself from gaining superpowers. Instead, Reverse-Flash opted to torment the Flash as much as possible without killing him up to and including the murder of Barry’s mother.


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But it looks like Nora Allen’s death was actually just a piece of the overall puzzle Thawne had created to ruin the life of his enemy. In The Flash #45 by Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, Brett Booth, Alé Garza, and Vicente Cifuentes, everything is coming together to complete the Reverse-Flash’s plan. His acolytes have successfully destroyed the Central City Police Department and gotten the blame successfully pinned on the Flash. With the Scarlet Speedster’s reputation in ruins, Thawne just needs one more thing before he can complete his master stroke. He stops by his base where he’s imprisoned Barry’s father, Henry, to pick up a weapon that will draw the power right out of a hero. When Henry asks why the villain killed Nora, the Reverse-Flash informs him that he needed to ensure Henry would build the device so Thawne could steal the Flash’s power.

Flash’s Father Was Reverse-Flash’s True Target

Reverse-Flash True Plan DC Comics

This is a pretty big twist on the usual mythology of the Flash. Normally Henry never factors into the Reverse-Flash’s schemes. Barry’s father is largely there to take the fall for Thawne’s murder of Nora and to make Barry suffer even more knowing that his father is innocent. But here, Nora’s death is just a small part of Thawne’s machinations to make sure Henry is where he needs to be so Reverse-Flash can get exactly what he wants out of him.

The Reverse-Flash hates Barry Allen to his core, and it pains him that he can’t kill the Flash without affecting his own timeline. Killing the Flash’s mother was seen by him as the only way he could make his foe suffer. But having her death be simply one part of a larger plot better shows the extent to which Thawne will go to in order to achieve revenge. By making Henry his true target, not only does Thawne manage to ruin Barry’s life, he demonstrates his ability to think long-term in order to benefit from the Flash’s pain. Instead of just causing emotional pain, the Reverse-Flash nearly stole Barry’s powers all because he targeted Flash’s father.

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