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The Holderness Family’s Best YouTube Hits Since Winning The Amazing Race


Kim and Penn Holderness won The Amazing Race season 33, and they have been keeping their fans stocked with new hits every month since their win.

Kim and Penn Holderness won The Amazing Race season 33 and have gone back to their roots with some YouTube hits. The Amazing Race season 33 was a monumental one, as it was the only time production had to be halted during the race. They overcame the challenge of the pandemic and resumed filming a year and a half later, making some teams unable to return. The Holderness’s were known for bringing positivity to each episode, and fans rallied around them on YouTube and the show.


Since appearing on The Amazing Race season 33, affected by COVID-19, Kim and Penn have made dozens of videos for fans to enjoy on their YouTube channel, The Holderness Family. They are known for creating parodies of popular songs, including their whole family, with their kids and pets often making an appearance. Their most watched video since being on The Amazing Race is a YouTube short recreating a song from Tangled, which has nearly one million views. They replaced the lyrics with sweet words about what their puppy is up to all day. Fans loved the creative video, which received over 80K likes and 600 comments praising the video.

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Kim Holderness From The Amazing Race Sings An Encanto Hit

Another YouTube short from June 2022 became a hit with their fans, this time featuring Kim herself. The video showed Kim dropping her kids off at school, and as soon as they were gone, she started singing along to the popular song from Encanto called “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Amazing Race fans found the Holderness YouTube video very relatable, with many parents commenting that is exactly what they did at school drop-off too.

Kim & Penn Holderness’s The Amazing Race Recap

Before appearing on The Amazing Race, Kim and Penn were racking up millions of views on their videos over the years. Their one video about Christmas from eight years ago has yet to be beaten with an impressive 18 million views. Since the show, they brought fans along with them on their journey through The Amazing Race with an energetic REM parody. The video compiled all their challenges and triumphs, how they placed each leg of the race, and their ultimate victory.

Kim and Penn had a lot stacked against them on the show. They were the oldest to compete in their season and later became the oldest winners in the show’s history. The internet personalities had an impressive run on The Amazing Race, as Kim and Pen won five legs of the race. Kim and Penn constantly prove age is just a number and that they are young at heart with their YouTube videos. Though they won the $1 million grand prize, they have continued posting lots of new content every month, and fans cannot wait to see what they do next.

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