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The Kardashians Fans Freak Out Over Taylor Swift Song In North TikTok

The Kardashians fans freak out after noticing a popular Taylor Swift song playing in the background of one of North West’s TikTok videos.

North West shared a TikTok with a Taylor Swift song playing in the background, and The Kardashians fans are freaking out over it. By now, some might think fans would be over Kim Kardashian and Taylor’s feud, which started when Kim leaked edited clips from a phone call between Taylor and Kanye West, making Taylor look like a liar. Taylor’s name was cleared when the full phone call leaked years later, but by that point, Kim was already over the feud. However, fans started talking about the two again when Taylor released Midnights and seemed to reference Kim in her “Anti-Hero” music video and her song “Vigilante Shit.”


After North shared footage on TikTok from a birthday party with Taylor’s song “Shake It Off” playing in the background, fans are bringing the Taylor and Kim feud to light again. TikTok user @joendrix reacted to North’s video writing, “Taylor Swift song in a Kardashian party, LMAO.” The user looked shocked as Taylor’s 2014 single blared throughout the party. “I just know North is a swiftie,” one fan wrote. Others suggested that North is a huge fan of Taylor’s, but Kim won’t allow her to be. Another TikTok user thought they heard the beginning of Taylor’s song “Blank Space” playing in North’s video.

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Kim Kardashian Has Moved On From Her Feud With Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift

While fans might believe Kim wouldn’t want her daughter listening to Taylor’s music, this isn’t necessarily true. In a 2021 interview, Kim admitted that she likes Taylor’s music. The superstar hasn’t spoken about Kim in years, so it’s unclear how she feels about The Kardashians star. However, she expressed how hurt she was when Kim framed her and the toll it took on her mental health when everyone on social media went after her. Some swifties even criticized Kim for being able to move on from the feud so quickly when she was the one who caused Taylor so much pain.

While fans joked that Kim doesn’t want North to listen to Taylor, it’s likely she doesn’t care at all. Kim and her family do their best to keep their public lives separate from their children’s lives, and it’s unlikely Kim would want her daughter to know about her past with Taylor. Especially since Kim complimented Taylor’s music a year ago. Most likely, Kim has no problem with her children enjoying Taylor’s music or being a fan of hers. The feud also took place when she was married to Kanye and seemed to be more about her trying to protect her husband. Fans have even considered Taylor and Kim could make amends now that she and Kanye are no longer together.

It’s been long enough that fans should be able to drop the drama that occurred between the stars, but they still find themselves caught up in it. Society tends to obsess over pitting two successful women against each other, but everyone would be better off if they’d focus more on letting both Kim and Taylor succeed in their lives. At nine years old, North didn’t know what drama she’d be causing by using Taylor’s song in her TikTok, but hopefully, The Kardashians fans can learn from her that the situation really is no big deal.

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