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The New Bruce Lee Movie Is Avoiding A Major Tarantino Controversy


A new Bruce Lee biopic is on the horizon, with Ang Lee set to direct – and it looks like it’ll avoid one major controversy connected to Tarantino.

With a new Bruce Lee biopic on the way, the film will successfully avoid one major Quentin Tarantino controversy. The biopic in question will be helmed by Oscar-winning director Ang Lee, responsible for such works as Life of Pi and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. In addition, the Taiwanese director has cast his son, Mason Lee, as the famed martial artist in another promising sign for the project. However, aside from the involvement of the Gemini Man director and his son, the movie has another secret weapon that could help it succeed.


The most recent depiction of Bruce Lee was in Quentin Tarantino’s hit Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood, which saw Mike Moh playing the martial artist in a bit part in which he loses a fight against Brad Pitt’s washed-up stuntman Cliff Booth. Tarantino’s depiction of the star caused quite a controversy, and was slammed by Lee’s daughter Shannon upon the movie’s premiere. Shannon Lee had no part in Once Upon a Time‘s production — she is, however, playing a huge role in the upcoming biopic. This means that the new movie can curtail any misconceptions about the actor/martial artist, as his family will be directly involved.

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Why Bruce Lee In Tarantino’s OUATIH Was So Controversial

Mike Moh Bruce Lee Quentin Tarantino

Shannon Lee famously spoke out after Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood‘s release, panning the film for depicting her father as an “arrogant asshole who was full of hot air,” (via The Wrap). Couple that with the fact that the time and people OUATIH was based around saw the entertainment industry as a place that was rampant with racism, and there was a clear potential for disaster. According to Shannon, Lee had to work twice as hard as other actors and stuntmen at the time because of his race, and he was often trying to avoid fights rather than start them. Rather, the Quentin Tarantino movie saw the actor challenging random crew members to a brawl, claiming that he could turn Cassius Clay into a “cripple.”

Why Ang Lee’s Bruce Lee Biopic Is So Exciting

Bruce Lee in final fight in Enter the Dragon

Since Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood portrayed Bruce Lee in such an unflattering light, the upcoming biopic has the chance to change those perceptions — and Ang Lee is the perfect director to do it. While he’s had a few misses here and there, the Academy Award-winning movie director Ang Lee has proven through his previous works that he’s the right man for the job. He’s taken on more grounded stories through movies like Sense and Sensibility and Brokeback Mountain, proving that he can properly tell Lee’s legacy through a humanistic lens. In addition, he’s also had more high-octane action flicks, such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, or 2003’s Hulk. This blend of experience will be crucial in navigating the life of Bruce Lee, as the film will need equal parts of both to accurately depict his journey.

While Shannon Lee was understandably disheartened by Tarantino’s presentation of her father, the new Bruce Lee biopic has the chance to turn that around. After the Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino outright mocked the star in his revisionist history film, many unfortunately took his painting of Lee as fact, rather than exaggerated fiction. Luckily, his family is much more involved with the characterization of the martial artist this go around, and, hopefully, his legacy will be honored properly in Ang Lee’s Bruce Lee biopic.

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