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The Polar Ignite 3 Will Tell You When It’s Best To Exercise


Polar’s Ignite 3 brings several new features and upgrades compared to the previous generation, but it may have a hard time against rival watches.

Polar is back with another smartwatch this year, called the Ignite 3. It is a follow-up to the Ignite 2, released in early 2021. In April this year, the Finnish company announced the Pacer and Pacer Pro, smartwatches targeted at runners. However, the Ignite series targets casual users and seems to be marketed to women.

Very few manufacturers make smartwatches specifically targeted at women, but Garmin, one of Polar’s main rivals, gave it a shot. Last year, it announced a special watch for women called the Garmin Lily, but it didn’t announce a successor this year. However, several of its other smartwatches got new models this year. So maybe a second-generation model will be unveiled in 2023.


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The Polar Ignite 3 has a similar exterior design to the Ignite 2. The watch case is round and houses a round display. This time, the display is completely round and not sawed-off at the bottom like that of the Ignite 2. The bezel is made of stainless steel, the case is plastic and the 20mm quick-release straps are silicone. There is also a sheet of curved Gorilla Glass 3 covering the display. Polar is sticking to a WR30 rating, which means the watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters. Buyers will have the option to choose from four different colors and can also purchase additional straps that come in different colors and materials.

An Expensive Health & Fitness Tracker

Polar Ignite 3

Polar has made some significant changes to the Ignite 3. For starters, the display is slightly bigger at 1.28 inches and much sharper with a 416 × 416 resolution. Sadly, there is no support for an Always-on display despite being an AMOLED panel and not LCD like its predecessor. The smartwatch also has a more powerful processor, which Polar says is twice as powerful as the previous generation. And while it has more RAM, there is still not enough storage for offline playlists.

The Ignite 3 has heart rate tracking, which Polar boasts is more than accurate but precise, thanks to 10 LEDs with varying wavelengths and four light detectors to pick up the returning light through the blood vessels. Surprisingly, it is missing a blood oxygen sensor. It also doesn’t have ECG or irregular heart rhythm notifications. There is an advanced sleep tracking feature that tracks how well a user slept (Sleep Charge) and how well their nervous system calmed during the early hours of sleep (ANS Charge). It also has a feature called SleepWise, which informs users about how their sleeping behavior affects their daily energy and alertness.

The watch will suggest the best time of the day they should exercise using the data from a user’s sleeping pattern. The Ignite 3 can track over 150 different exercises. It can suggest workouts based on the user’s body condition and a Voice Guidance system that will provide audio feedback through a connected phone or headphones during workouts. Polar says the Ignite 3 will last up to five days in watch mode, but it drops to 30 hours in training time with GPS and heart rate monitoring turned on. At $329, the Polar Ignite 3 can be termed pricey for a fitness tracker compared to smartwatches such as the Galaxy Watch 5 and Pixel Watch. It is already available for purchase in several markets, including the U.S.

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