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The Right Choice Between Dwayne & Playboy X

One questline in Grand Theft Auto 4 will end with the protagonist having to kill either Dwayne Forge or Playboy X, and one option is better than the other. Both sides offer rewards, so the player may be conflicted at first over which would be better for them. However, the advantages of one outweigh the other in the end, so the decision should be clear.

The North Holland Hustlers are a minor gang in Grand Theft Auto 4 that Niko becomes briefly involved with. Specifically, he becomes acquainted with their two biggest members. One, Playboy X, is the current kingpin of the crew, and has lofty ambitions of making millions of dollars and becoming a mogul in the city. The other is Dwayne Forge, the gang’s former leader who just got out of prison. Unlike GTA 5‘s demonically vicious Trevor, Dwayne feels no happiness about his life of crime, but sees it as something that he had to do to survive in his neighborhood. Eventually, the relationship between the two becomes unreconcilable, and Niko will be given a choice of which of the two he would like to kill.


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The demeanor of the Hustlers themselves towards Niko will not be affected by this decision, but Niko’s rewards will be different depending on who he sides with. Naturally, player preference can sway their decision as to who they would like to save. Looking at both options, one can likely come to a good conclusion.

GTA 4’s Playboy X Will Hand Niko A Stack Of Cash

Playboy X is all about making money and being a success. He sees running the Hustlers as his first step towards making himself a mogul. Playboy resents Dwayne for not sharing his lofty vision, and that drives him to request that Niko kill his former mentor. Becoming rich in GTA Online is easy, but not so much in GTA 4, which is why Playboy’s reward may appeal to some.

If player goes through with killing Dwayne, they will receive little resistance, only a single enemy with a baseball bat before Dwayne surrenders, with not even Dwayne himself putting up a fight. Niko is clearly unhappy doing the deed, but goes through with it anyway. Once Dwayne is dead, Playboy will give Niko $25,000, a very large payout for a single mission. However, despite being the one who sent Niko to kill Dwayne in the first place, Playboy will scold him for doing the deed. From then on, Playboy will never contact Niko again for the rest of the game, with Dwayne’s death ending his association with the Hustlers.

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While Liberty CIty changed between GTA 3 and 4, $25,000 is still a massive amount of money. However, Grand Theft Auto 4 has fewer things for Niko to spend money on than other games in the series, so its main use is to help the player buy more weapons and ammo. Still, any GTA player will appreciate that kind of lofty payout, so its value does not go unappreciated.

Dwayne Offers The Player A House And Assistance In GTA 4

Dwayne Forge is essentially Playboy X’s opposite. He knows the cost of the drug game, and it has made him jaded. He’s been to jail, and he’s seen friends die or have their lives destroyed by the product he and his gang were selling. He knows that Playboy doesn’t think much of him, and he struggles to adjust to life outside of prison again. Although he doesn’t want to get back into gang life, he doesn’t know how else to make a living. GTA Online‘s criminal enterprises are fun for players, but clearly Dwayne doesn’t share that enthusiasm.

Killing Playboy X for Dwayne is the tougher option, since he has a whole team of bodyguards that Niko must fight through. After Niko kills Playboy and tells Dwayne the news, Dwayne is saddened, but accepts what happened, and he will gift Niko the apartment where Playboy had been living. Not only will this give the player another place to save their game, but the apartment also unlocks the ability for Niko to wear Claude’s outfit from GTA 3. In addition, Dwayne will keep in touch with Niko and become one of his friends. If the player levels up Dwayne’s friendship enough, then they will unlock the ability to call him up to send some of his gangsters to help Niko in a fight, an ability that would be just as useful in a Grand Theft Auto 4 remaster as it is in the original.

Dwayne is a much more intriguing character than Playboy, and his honest gratitude towards Niko is appreciated. In addition, his rewards, while not as immediately satisfying as Playboy’s stack of cash, are useful in the long term. Even though GTA 4‘s friendship mechanic was controversial, being Dwayne’s friend comes with some undeniable perks.

The Right Decision In The Holland Play In Grand Theft Auto 4

The Holland Play’s two offers both sound fairly tempting when approached with a specific mindset. However, the best decision is, perhaps not ironically, the one that Niko himself would be most likely to make, and one that the game itself seems to prod the player towards. That decision is to kill Playboy X rather than Dwayne.

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Playboy X’s reward of $25,000 is huge, as previously stated. However, even though earning cash in GTA 4 isn’t as easy as making money in GTA Online, the player has fewer things to buy for Niko in the first place. Dwayne’s rewards for The Holland Play, on the other hand are all unique. It is the only way to get Playboy’s apartment, the Claude outfit, and Dwayne as a friend. In addition, the backup that Dwayne’s crew offers when called is quite useful, and can even be deployed to help Niko in missions.

There are some hints in the game that killing Playboy is the right move as well. When he suggests killing Dwayne, Niko is clearly uncomfortable and outright states that he doesn’t want to do it. Playboy’s aggression in trying to push Niko to do it also mirrors some of the game’s other antagonists. With that in mind, it’s easy to see Niko siding with Dwayne in this ordeal, almost as easy as GTA 4‘s ending decision.

The Holland Play is one of GTA 4‘s more consequential missions. It may not have anything to do with the main storyline or Niko’s feud with Dimitri, but it’s a major decision involving two fairly prominent characters. When everything is taken into account, it’s clear that the best ending for The Holland Play in Grand Theft Auto 4 is to kill Playboy X and pass up the money.

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