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This $8 TikTok-Hyped Mascara Has Replaced My False Eyelashes

Whether I’m going for simple or bold, there’s one product that’s the cherry on top of all of my makeup looks: mascara. The problem? Many of my tried-and-true favorites come with a double-digit price tag, and because I go through mascara like I chug green juice, it can add up. Cue the Makeup Revolution 5D Lash Pow Mascara, an $8 mascara made famous on TikTok and designed for promoting a false-lash effect. Coming from someone who loathes applying fake lashes, this point was all the encouragement I needed to try it out for myself. And now, I can’t put it down.

I can confirm that this mascara has caused the dust to settle in my false eyelash drawer. The reason is simple: while I love the look of faux lashes, I find everything about them inconvenient—lash curling pre-application, the application itself, the discomfort I inevitably feel midday, and, of course, the removal process. All of these issues are eliminated when I use 5D Lash Pow. With this formula, I’m able to get a long-lasting lift without the use of additional tools, and I achieve game-changing volume that rivals the look of faux lashes. My lashes never feel heavy or clumpy, and removing the product at the end of the day is as simple as using a cleansing balm and some water.

As for the brush itself, it’s not for the faint of the heart. It’s huge. But that’s a feature I don’t mind, because it ensures each and every lash gets coated evenly at once. It also makes application quick, as smaller brushes typically require layering on multiple coats.

The only downside? Applying bottom lash mascara with a brush as thick as this one is a near-impossible feat (unless you feel like running the risk of wrecking your concealer). So, I only apply this product to my top lashes—and it works.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this mascara is the twist-free design on the tube. While traditional mascaras require you to twist the cap off, 5D Lash Pow features a push-click technology that prevents the formula from drying out. This is a selling point if you like to rotate mascaras and are fearful of the product crumbling up before you get the chance to use it. Not to mention, with this innovative feature I’m able to get the look I want in the same amount of time it takes to twist open, apply, and twist close a traditional mascara. It’s that quick, and only involves three steps: push the cap down, pop the wand up, and enjoy your newly lengthened lashes.

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