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Tom Cruise Crosses Over To Mario Movie With Epic R-Rated Rant


Tom Cruise becomes an R-rated Mario in a hilarious Tropic Thunder crossover video imagining the comedy and animated movies colliding.

Tom Cruise’s iconic Les Grossman becomes an R-rated Mario in a hilarious Tropic Thunder and The Super Mario Bros. Movie crossover video. Though best known as an action star thanks to his time in the Mission: Impossible and Top Gun franchises, Cruise has occasionally branched out to other genres, the most notable being Ben Stiller’s Hollywood satire Tropic Thunder, in which he starred as vulgar producer Les Grossman. Scoring acclaim for his performance, talks have swirled of a potential Grossman spinoff for years, with Cruise reportedly working with Mission: Impossible‘s Christopher McQuarrie for a new project featuring the character.


As time draws nearer for the animated film’s release, TikTok user Jonkari P has reimagined The Super Mario Bros. Movie in a hilarious way.

The video sees Tom Cruise’s Tropic Thunder character Les Grossman as the film’s Mario, recreating one of his most iconic rants in which he delivers an R-rated threat to who he thinks is trying to poach one of his clients, now replaced by Bowser Jr. demanding a ransom for Peach’s safe return. Check out the hilarious fan edit above:

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Will The Super Bros. Mario Movie Create A Franchise Of Crossovers?

Super Mario Movie Peach Toad

Though just a humorous Tropic Thunder edit, the video above does raise curiosity as to whether The Super Mario Bros. Movie will lead to a franchise of interconnected crossovers. A few years after the film was first announced, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa indicated the gaming publisher was keen on developing more adaptations of their titles if the plumber-focused movie proved successful. Rumors have since swirled about a potential Donkey Kong spinoff movie centered on Seth Rogen’s character while Charlie Day has expressed interest in helping develop a Luigi’s Mansion adaptation.

The Nintendo games have already indicated that the characters exist in the same universe, thus making everyone’s inclusion in The Super Mario Bros. Movie not quite an actual crossover, though it doesn’t mean larger ones couldn’t happen. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 director Jeff Fowler has expressed his hopes in developing a Super Smash Bros. movie, though noted it would require some work from the lawyers to navigate rights issues. This largely stems from Paramount producing the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise while The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set up at Universal.

Given Nintendo has multiple other IPs under their belts, namely The Legend of Zelda, it would be interesting to see if The Super Mario Bros. Movie leads the publisher developing other adaptations. Considering there is already a lot of backlash for the film tied to Chris Pratt’s leading role, it does have a major hurdle to overcome, though with trailers promising an otherwise faithful recreation of the games, it may rival Sonic the Hedgehog‘s success. Only time will tell when The Super Mario Bros. Movie arrives on April 7.

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