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Top 6 Interview Tips for Nurses

Nursing is a career field experiencing an unprecedented shortage of nurses.

One way the nursing profession is combating this shortage is by recruiting qualified nurses from outside the medical field, but there are some unique challenges in the interview process for an applicant with a different background when compared to someone who has graduated from nursing school.

Here are some top tips and tricks for nurses-in-training interviewing for their first role.

Interview Preparation Checklist- What to do Before the Interview

There are a few things you should do before your interview, these are:

  • Do Your Research and Know the Interview Questions

Research the practice and background of the interviewer. Look up their work history on Linkedin and review recent articles about the practice or organization.

Know the questions that are going to be asked at the interview. 

Practice with questions that you can find online and ask a friend to fact check as well.

Try to put together a few common questions such as “What is one of your strengths?” or “If you were given this medication how would you use it”

  • Practice your Answers

Also, practice how you would respond if the interviewer asked you about your personal life or medical school stories and experiences while you were working to get your BSN.

On the Day of the Interview- What to do during and after the Interview

You may be nervous on the day of your interview, but you want to be relaxed and confident so that you can put your best foot forward.

  • Dress the Part

Dress professionally and in a way that highlights your strengths. 

For example: If you are more comfortable wearing scrubs to work, then consider wearing a suit rather than your regular workwear.

The idea is to show your personality and style, but not come across as too casual or too uptight.

  • Be on Time (or Early)

Be punctual for the interview. If you are running late, call ahead to let the interviewer know.

When you get there, give a firm handshake and maintain eye contact with the interviewer; it shows confidence and professionalism. Conduct your interview conversation in a similar manner.

  • Turn off Your Cell Phone

Turn your cell phone off during the interview and don’t check it for calls or messages. Interviewers are likely to be distracted by your mobile device, which could hurt you in the end…not to mention that it is rude.

Post-Interview Advice

For many people, when the nurse interview is over they will just go home and wait for news. There are a few things you can do, though, to boost your chance of being hired.

  • Follow Up and Be On the Lookout for Other Opportunities

Make sure that you follow up with the interviewer after your interview. Include any questions you may have and make sure the interviewer knows if you will be happy to work there if hired. 

Be on the lookout for other jobs that match your skills and experiences and keep your resume updated. 

Try to position yourself as a candidate that would be a fantastic addition to an organization’s existing nurses.

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