Top 7 Smartphone Deals Should Not Be Missed In April

Whether you are looking to upgrade, trade in, or switch over, the roundup of April’s best smartphone deals should help you save more than a few dollars. We have found what we think, in our opinion, are the great value options out there right now for both iOS and Android smartphones, additionally a few unlocked deals for good measure. April’s edition of the smartphone deals roundup includes the latest iPhone SE 2022, Apple’s new budget smartphone. Not only that but there is an iPhone 13 also available in a fetching new Green color, which is a very nice shade. 

You will get the best promos on these smartphones and others below. You can use coupons for smartphones that are available with these deals. This short guide is specially designed to provide you best smartphone deals. This article also included a third alternative option, smartphone deals from prepaid carriers. These very small carriers don’t provide huge savings on a smartphone, but you will usually be scoring an inexpensive smartphone plan, so it’s worth considering the switch for sure. Below, we have gathered a list of our top pick of smartphone April’s deals that you should never miss.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series:

This April, Samsung has switched up its deals on Samsung Galaxy S22 series to include an increased trade-in rebate of up to 900$. Unfortunately, you can no longer receive $50 of store credit on the house now, but hopefully, the enhanced trade-in rebate should make it up for you. Remember that the bigger discount here is on the Galaxy s22 Ultra. Lesser rebates of up to $700 are also available on the standard S22 and S22 Plus with carrier and unlocked smartphones. You can get the coupon for this deal from Verizon or direct from the Samsung online store.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro:

generally, Apple is not exactly famous for great value smartphone deals, but its new maximum trade-in rebate of up to $650 through its official program is the very high we have seen yet from the tech giant. It is one of the best savings, and I could see you paying just $149 for a new iPhone 13 and a big fat 0dollars for an iPhone 13 Mini. This great deal is also available on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Google Pixel 6:

Priory, AT, and T offered the Google Pixel 6 for just $15 per month without a trade, but it is now upgrading their more standard trade-in option. However, you can get this smartphone for free now with the combination of an eligible trade-in on an unlimited data plan. Moreover, you can trade in for a rebate of up to $700 in April.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3:

It is one of the greatest choices for those who want a cheaper foldable smartphone, especially with this amazing deal available on Amazon. The retailer has knocked a full $150 off the retail price of this unlock variant of the smartphone, a straight-up superb no-strings-attached deal. While if you are finding to buy a cheap foldable smartphone to use with your carrier of choice, this is the best one. The current record-low is $799 on this smartphone, but we have only seen that price on one occasion before.

OnePlus 9:

It is one of the greatest choices for an up-to-date Android flagship. OnePlus 9 is the latest smartphone from the brand that is barely a few months old. It has a powerful Snapdragon 888 chip, co-designed Hasselblad camera system, and 120 Hz display, which is up there with the best Android smartphones money, can buy right now. You can buy this amazingly feature smartphone for $600 from any OnePlus store. In April, the coupons for smartphones are available with this deal to get a discount. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE:

It is a new option with April’s smartphone deals roundup. It is the latest mid-range flagship release from Samsung. Galaxy S21 FE is just as powerful as the other smartphones in the range are also available. Buy one get one promo of the carrier or a trade-in rebate of up to $700 at Verizon. Switchers can also benefit from that same $1000 welcome gift card to help pay off any early termination fees.

Apple iPhone 13:

The latest deal of Verizon offers a first-ever discount on the iPhone 13 at, which we have seen that doesn’t require a trade-in. You just simply need to choose the latest flagship smartphone of Apple with a new line on an eligible unlimited plan, and the carrier will cut your monthly price down to $10 per month, and you will get a total saving of $439.99. If you have an old phone and want to replace it with a new and fully-featured smartphone, this is a fantastic and easily accessible promotion.


These are some of the greatest deals on a smartphone for April. You can take advantage of these deals and promotion plans to take the latest model of smartphone or if you want to switch your old mobile phone. In April, you can use coupons for smartphones that are available with these deals to get great discounts on your smartphone purchase.

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