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Dayara Bugyal Trek

 Uttarakhand Himalaya Winter Trek

 Dayara is a spectacular and charming Bugyal Trek. Dayara Bugyal Trek is located at the highest altitude of Bugyal in Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand, India. Eighteen, 181 feet. It started in the small town of Barsu. Uttarakhand has wonderful mountain views, scenic trails, and some of the best alpine meadows. Wonderful forest area, nice campsite, old town, high point.

 One of the best hiking trails in Uttarakhand is the Dayara Bugyal Trek. The height of the weeds in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand is between 10,000 and 11,181 feet.

 This beautiful place is nestled between snow-capped mountains with an unbeatable view. On the other hand, the grass is covered with snow. So it turned out to be the most magnificent winter hike in Uttarakhand. It is also a good place to ski. The area is approximately 28 square kilometers to 30 square kilometers. Dayara Bugyal is approx. It was spread out. It was spread out.

 In particular, Bedni Bugyal is the largest Bugyal in Dayara Bugyal Uttarakhand The climate in these mountainous areas changes and the temperature changes over time.

 The views of the Dayara Bugyal Trek of the Himalayas and the surrounding environment

 The sweet meadows of Dayara are a real treat for walkers. This is a perfect hike, be it winter or summer! This hike has attracted many people from all over the world with a lovely and peaceful atmosphere. In the winter of , the snow-covered snowfield gives hikers the opportunity to “ski” here. When the snow melts, the blooming wetland becomes a feast for the eyes.

 Dayara Bugyal and Bakaria Top offer a magnificent view of the Himalayan peaks. You can see the peaks of Dayara Bugyal, Rudregaira, Gangotri I, II and III, Jaonli, Draupadi Ka Danda I & 2 and Black peacock and Bandarpoonch, as well as many other unknown peaks. However, don’t miss the paradise view of sunrise and sunset.

 The magical valley also attracts tourists from all over the world. The splendid flowers bloom in full bloom and the landscape is picturesque. The tranquil atmosphere and walking under the shade of the trees provide relaxation. So this is a wonderful winter and summer hike, with great views and beautiful surroundings. Lovely mountain village on Dayara’s  hiking trail. The high-altitude promontory

 Dayara Bugyal Trek is a hiking trail with natural landscapes, campsites and historic mountain villages. I think this is a perfect hike through the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. The Dayara Bugyal Trek must pass through the town of Barsu. You will have the opportunity to know the beauty of this small town, there is a beautiful pond in the center of town,

 Barsu is a small town in the Uttarkashi district, 2,240 meters above sea level. There is a GMVN hotel and some hotels in the small town of Barsu. There are also several family houses in the picturesque village. This is a good place for bird watching because you can easily see land birds here. The

 people are nice and helpful. They always welcome these guests warmly, so the people here are very close to our hearts and we still walk here. If you want to stay at home for the truth, you will meet people here. We, the mountain, are always popular with travelers. Anyway, if you come to hike, you can visit the village at night.

 From Borasu to Banara, what can you see and how do you feel?

 Bakariya is the normal pass to Barnala, with a maximum height of 12,698 feet. We passed through the beautiful lace landscape of azaleas, covered by a forest of silver oak cedars. Banara is the starting point for the famous Dayala meadow.

 The beautiful landscape stretches from your eyes to the green meadows that stretch for miles. Right on Barsu Lawn, you can see the Barnala and Dayara ridges. This is an easy, moderate, and steep climb between certain edges. At the top of the first ridge there is a small Barnala meadow. Take the path that goes through Murata next to the wall.

 Ten minutes after the climb, the field gave way to the trees. These trees are a mix of local lamb, oak, and rhododendron, and when the morning sun shines on the ground, they create a beautiful color combination.

 The road to the alpine desert of Dayara Bugyal passes through the desert of Barnala. The dense and picturesque forests allow you to glimpse the largest Himalayas. When you finish climbing in Dayara, the vast desert unfolds in front of you.

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