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Valheim How to Find (& Smelt) Black Metal Scrap


*March 13th, 2023: Updated for the Xbox Launch to include more relevant information as well as links to related guides.

Valheim is an open-world game that takes place in a mythical Norse world. In order to combat confrontations with enemies, players must craft weapons for defense and offense purposes. One way to do this is through the collection and smelting of Black Metal Scrap.

The smelting of the Black Metal Scrap produces Black Metal Bars, which, in turn, allows players to craft various weapons. Such weapons include a Black Metal Atgeir, a Black Metal Axe, a Black Metal Knife, a Black Metal Sword, and a Black Metal Shield. These items are useful when confronting larger enemies that are alive.


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A work area in Valheim featuring a Black Forge.

According to GameSkinny, Black Metal Scrap can be obtained by defeating Fulings. There are three types of Fulings in Valheim; normal, Berserker, and Fuling Shaman. All of these creature variations drop Black Metal Scrap once defeated. Keep in mind that these are very powerful enemies, therefore, it is recommended that players wear Iron Armor when confronting these monsters, whether it be an individual one or an entire camp of them.

Black Metal Scrap can only be smelted within a Blast Furnace. A Blast Furnace is crafted using 20 pieces of Fine Wood, ten pieces of Iron, 20 Stones, and five Surtling Cores. Fine Wood can be found by cutting down birch and oak trees while Iron can be collected by opening chests in the Swamp biome. Stone can be found throughout the entire map. They can be picked up directly from the ground or can be mined. Surtling Cores are dropped from Surtlings once they are defeated. Note that the Blast Furnace must be built within the distance defined by the location of the Artisan Table.

The Blast Furnace uses Coal as fuel to produce Black Metal Bars out of Black Metal Scrap. It takes 30 seconds to make one bar. Because a piece of Coal burns within 15 seconds, 2 pieces of Coal will be required to produce one bar. Additionally, the Blast Furnace can hold 20 pieces of Coal and ten Black Metal Scraps.

Once the Black Metal Bars are crafted, players can choose to use this item to build a range of Black Metal weapons. A Black Metal Atgeir, a Black Metal Axe, a Black Metal Knife, a Black Metal Sword, and a Black Metal Shield are some options that can be crafted using this material. Note that other materials will be required to make these weapons in Valheim.

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Source: YouTube/Timo, GameSkinny

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