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Walking Dead Star Filmed Shocking Death Scene With His Fly Down


Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead season 11 episode 20The Walking Dead star Josh Hamilton reveals that he filmed Lance Hornsby’s shocking death scene with his fly down. Introduced in The Walking Dead season 11, Lance appeared to be the benevolent figurehead of the Commonwealth, a massive group of 50,000 survivors intent on making the world like it was before the apocalypse. As the season progressed, though, Lance revealed a darker, more villainous side to himself, conquering Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside in hopes of proving his use to Governor Pamela Milton as an important Commonwealth asset.


During The Walking Dead‘s final episodes, Lance’s reign of terror was ended by Pamela herself. After Lance’s arrest, some of his men stage a Walker attack on the Commonwealth, resulting in the deaths of some of its civilians, including Pamela’s son Sebastian. Lance is forced to feed one of his loyal men to Pamela’s zombified son until Carol and Daryl break him out of prison, using his directions to try and find their people, who Pamela captured and sent to an unknown location. Upon learning from Lance that the Commonwealth has a working train, Carol and Daryl decide Lance is no use to them anymore, giving him a chance to escape into the woods unless he wants the duo to kill him. Lance seals his fate by pulling a gun from a nearby car, prompting Carol to shoot him through the throat with an arrow.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Walking Dead‘s Hamilton reveals his fly was down during Lance’s riveting death scene. Hamilton didn’t realize his pants were unzipped until after they’d finished filming the scene, but insisted the small detail be kept in the final cut. Check out what Hamilton has to say below:

There was the technical stuff, and there was the emotional stuff of feeling so betrayed by Carol. I think he really thinks that they have this connection and a mutual grudging respect, even though he knows Carol doesn’t trust him. But he’s always hoping, and he’s always trying to think that there must be a way to fix this.

And when we finally got it, it was like, ‘Yeah!’ And they ran off because they had to pull the plug at the end of the night. And then I realized that my fly had been down that shot. [Laughs] First, I was like, ‘Oh no, my fly is down!’ They’re like, ‘We’ll fix it in post.’ And I was like, ‘You know what? Don’t. It’s actually the perfect insult to injury to Lance, for someone who was so fastidious about his appearance.’

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How The Walking Dead Might End Its Commonwealth Storyline

Lance’s fittingly unflattering death scene leaves Pamela Milton as the last major antagonist for The Walking Dead‘s heroes to square off against. However, due to the wider world the show has presented in recent years, the Commonwealth’s storyline could end surprisingly. Cryptic comments from Lance tease the Commonwealth may be connected to the CRM, a massive militarized group responsible for capturing The Walking Dead‘s original protagonist, Rick Grimes. While their presence is yet to be confirmed in the main show’s final season, the CRM’s involvement in the Commonwealth would explain some of Lance’s dialogue from previous episodes while setting up the three Walking Dead spinoffs set to air in 2023.

No matter how the Commonwealth storyline ends, Lance’s death is sure to be a major catalyst for the events that unfold in The Walking Dead‘s final four episodes. His possible connection to the CRM could make his harsh demise all the more impactful, as the arrival of the heavily fortified group could explain how Daryl ends up in France during his Daryl Dixon spinoff. If the Commonwealth does have a secret CRM connection, then Lance’s prophetic words to Pamela about his arrest spelling doom for the Commonwealth will ring even more true now that he’s dead. Whatever surprises The Walking Dead has in store for viewers in its last four episodes will not only end the Commonwealth’s storyline, but set up a whole new chapter for the zombie franchise moving forward.

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