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What Does Penny Saeger Look Like Today?


My 600-lb Life sometimes features stories about patients who don’t progress as much as they could during their treatment, like the story of Penny Saeger. As a patient of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, a Houston-based bariatric surgeon typically referred to as Dr. Now, Penny was given explicit instructions on what to eat and how to care for herself under the doctor’s orders. When she first met with Dr. Now, Penny weighed over 500 pounds and was looking for help to get her life back on track. With a husband and a young son she wanted to be able to take care of, Penny was hopeful she could take control of her life.

While My 600-lb Life‘s Dr. Now is typically very specific with his plans for his patients, it’s up to them to follow through with the directions he gives them. Penny, who was able to lose 40 pounds in the first month of her weight loss journey, qualified for bariatric surgery and recovered, but quickly found her weight loss stalling. She was unable to keep herself accountable on Dr. Now’s diet, but lied to the professional about what she was eating and why she wasn’t losing weight. Ultimately, Penny chose to leave Dr. Now’s facility to go home to her family against the doctor’s better judgment.

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Penny Made No Progress According To My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?

After Penny’s episode of My 600-lb Life aired, TLC checked in on her a few years later to see how she was doing. She was featured in an episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? Penny, who had remained stagnant with her weight loss and even gained a bit of weight back by the end of her initial episode, was still bedridden. She had made no progress, and while she seemed to want to change, she was unable to push herself to do so. Penny had taken up couponing, but Dr. Now explained it was detrimental, giving Penny another way to control the food in her home.

Penny’s Seager’s Husband Posted The Most Recent Photos Of Her

Penny’s husband, Edgar Seager, posted a few photos of the TLC star on his Facebook page that show Penny has made very little progress since in 2014. While the photos he shared aren’t recent, they show Penny having made a minimal amount of progress in her weight loss and still on oxygen. Penny hasn’t posted any recent photos of herself on her own Facebook page, but has posted photos of her son in the last few years. It’s clear that she has continued to stick to her unhealthy habits and likely doesn’t want to open herself up to criticism from the public.

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Penny, like many other My 600-lb Life patients who find Dr. Now’s instructions difficult to follow, has left the spotlight following her time on the show. Though Penny clearly knew she needed to get help getting her health under control, she found it difficult to accept the health that was given to her once she had it. Hopefully Penny is able to reach out in the future and work through her issues, enough to finally change her life for good.

Source: Edgar Saeger/Facebook, Penny Poarch Saeger/Facebook


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