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What Happened To April Dowling & Bryan Ollie After Season 10


Big Brother season 10 stars April Dowling and Bryan Ollie were known for their showmance. There’s plenty to learn about their post-show lives.

April Dowling and Bryan Ollie got involved in a showmance back on Big Brother 10, and it’s time to share information about what they’ve been up to since their installment aired. BB10 was televised in 2008, via CBS. That was an iconic season that included houseguests like Dan Gheesling, Keesha Smith, Memphis Garrett, Renny Martyn, and Libra Thompson. In the end, it was Dan who took home the $500,000 grand prize.

BB10 also featured April and Bryan, who quickly got involved in a romantic Big Brother entanglement. At the time, Ollie didn’t drink, smoke, or curse, as he was raised by a strict Pentecostal preacher. However, his faith and principles didn’t stop him from having a good time on the show. He was happy to start a relationship with fellow houseguest, April. After 45 days, April was evicted from the house. Two weeks later, it was Ollie’s time to go. Both of them were put on the nomination block against Jerry MacDonald.


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Big Brother’s Ollie & April Didn’t Stay Together

Although the two planned on dating outside the Big Brother house, Ollie and April broke up not long after the finale. Neither contestant revealed much information on the reasons surrounding the break-up. However, it’s easy to understand how a new relationship formed on Big Brother might not last in the real world. April went back to Arizona, whereas Ollie returned home to Minnesota. Perhaps a long distance relationship was too big of a challenge for the pair, as they eventually went their separate ways. Their relationship certainly wasn’t the first Big Brother showmance to end outside the house.

Big Brother’s Ollie & April Have Found New Love

Big Brother Season 10 cast photo in front of house

Currently, Ollie is married with two children. He updates his Instagram with pictures of his family, and occasionally provides information about his current lifestyle. April is also married to husband Ryan Cruise, with whom she has two children, sons Easton and Wyatt. Ollie and April’s relationship reportedly ended six months after the season concluded. It’s possible that the pair was affected by the pressures of off-camera life, which are very different from the obstacles that they faced together in the contained Big Brother environment. It’s hard to say what went wrong with April and Ollie’s showmance after Big Brother.

It’s clear that it was hard for these players to fight the attraction that they felt while living together on the show. However, many relationships that started on Big Brother have lasted for years. Sadly, that wasn’t the case for April and Ollie.

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