What is Ncell and How to recharge Balance with Ncell

Ncell, Nepal’s largest telecom company offers a simple way to transfer your balance in a couple of minutes. Customers of Ncell may be the only ones who can send and receive balances from family and friends who have Ncell numbers.

What is Ncell?

The company was acquired four years later. Was bought from Telia Company (previously known as TeliaSonera Group of Sweden) and changed its name to ‘Ncell’ in the year 2010. On April 12, 2016, Ncell Axiata became part of Axiata Group Berhad, one of Asia’s top telecommunications firms with a presence over the world, catering to 150 million customers and pursuing its ambition to become “the” New Generation Champion by 2022. The company was transformed into an open-ended public limited company.

It change its title to Ncell Axiata Limited’, on the 3rd August 2020. As an Axiata Group subsidiary Axiata Group and a long-term investor in Nepal, Ncell is constantly striving towards connecting all Nepali by means of its extensive network, and providing top-quality modern services to continuously create more value for its customers and customers and.

In support of the vision of Digital Nepal and the development of Nepal’s economy and infrastructure Ncell balance transfer has been contributing towards creating top-of-the-line networks and communications services to the people of Nepal. The company has the biggest 4G network in Nepal, serving the country’s demand for high-speed broadband. It also creates new opportunities for the citizens of Nepal and guiding the country towards an improved digital future.

Ncell Roaming

You can now stay in contact with your family and friends even when you are away from home by using Ncell Roaming Service. Roaming services will enable your family and friends to reach you via your mobile number, even if you’re away from the country.

We are constantly expanding our global networks to allow you to keep in touch to family, friends and even your business.

The services we offer include

  • Voice, SMS and Data
  • Balance Query – To find out the balance, call *101#
  • Recharge account – in order to refill the accounts, the user must dial *102*, followed by the Recharge PIN number before pressing the dialling keys. Recharge with a scratch card is only available to Post-paid and Prepaid Advance clients only.

What is the best way to recharge?

  • When your balance gets low, make sure you recharge your account with one of the following options:
  • Credit/Debit Cards or E-wallet through transfer balance in Ncell site.
  • Transfer of balance from your local Ncell Centre, Pasal or authorized stores.
  • Recharge cards purchased at the closest Ncell Centre, Pasal or authorized stores. Follow the procedure below to recharge your card:
  • Dial *102*PIN of the recharge card#, and then hit the call button.
  • Dial 90012 and enter the PIN code of your recharge card.
  • Enter the PIN number on your recharge card, and then send an SMS to the number 90012.
  • If you are unable to recharge right away, you could also use Ncell Saapati.

Best Offers

  • Personalized offer designed for you
  • Input the Ncell number and view the Best Offers available to you.


I hope you’ve now got the complete knowledge of the process of How to transfer balance in Ncell into Ncell. If you have suggestions regarding this subject, please contact us at Ncell’s email. If you liked this balance transfer from Ncell to Ncell then please send it to your loved ones, friends, and other social media platforms.


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