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What The Best Minecraft Seed Ever Actually Is

There’s practically an endless amount of Minecraft seeds for players to utilize when creating a new world, but some stand out far more than others.

There is a nearly endless number of seeds for players to try out in Minecraft, but some are superior to others in terms of spawn location and resources. Diverse biomes, structures like villages and woodland mansions, and unique world generation are just a few elements that long-time Minecraft players look for when selecting a seed. Therefore, although much boils down to personal taste, there are quite a few ways to identify Minecraft seeds that stand out more than others. They can then be used in multiplayer servers or just new single-player worlds.


It’s worth keeping in mind that as of Minecraft‘s Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update, world generation has been altered significantly the old seeds may not generate properly. Though older versions of the game may have equally optimal seeds, this will only aim to identify the best Minecraft seed for version 1.18. It also specifically applies to the Java edition of Minecraft. The best Minecraft seed as of December 2022 was shared on Reddit by Minecraft player szmirgley. The seed number is 2243447718, and players spawn on an island surrounded by everything from mansions to villages and ocean monuments. There’s even a rarely-encountered mushroom island nearby.

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What Makes Minecraft Seed 2243447718 The Best

A Minecraft woodland mansion sitting on top of a cliff.

Mushroom islands are one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft, which is why they’re often so sought after. Many of the best Minecraft seeds in 2022 spawn players either on or near one. The mushroom island in this seed is very close to the island players will start out on, and it should be easy to reach given they’ve got four different types of wood to work with just on that island. The nearest jungle and savannah biome are within under 1000 blocks of spawn, as well, making it easier to get nearly every type of wood in the game. The mansion and village located on the island should also provide plenty of materials to help them start off their survival journey in Minecraft.

There are also quite a few 1.18-specific areas to explore in this seed. Minecraft‘s massive new caves feature gorgeous scenery thanks to the lush biomes that can be found there, and several can be found beneath the woodland mansion. There’s also an abandoned mineshaft located underground, and as of Minecraft version 1.19, an ancient city far below the island. Players who are willing to risk encountering the game’s Warden mob can take the plunge for the chance to gain rare and powerful items early on in the game. A nearby sunken ship should also prove helpful on that front.

There are a couple of potential downsides to consider, though, as is the case with every seed in Minecraft. Fans who know what Minecraft‘s rarest biomes are will likely be unsurprised to learn that a few of them are relatively far away, even in the game’s best seed. Mangrove swamps and deserts in particular could take a while of traveling to reach, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing given it will allow players more opportunities to explore the vast world of Minecraft. In just about every other regard, though, seed number 2243447718 should help set them on the path to success.

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