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What To Know About Difficult Charter Guest Dean Slover

Below Deck has had many difficult guests, but Dean Slover might take the cake. He’s a memorable reality alum with an interesting backstory.

Dean Slover has appeared on multiple Below Deck seasons, and it’s time to share some interesting facts about the reality alum, who was considered a difficult charter guest. The series’ tenth installment is now airing on Bravo, and continues to prove just how entertaining the world of luxury yachting is. A huge part of the show’s success can be attributed to the drama created by the intense relationships between crew members. Sometimes, though, the guests can be as much of a handful as the crew, and that’s the case with Dean.


Dean debuted on Below Deck season 2, making an instant impression with his extensive preference sheet, including precise meal times. He considered himself the boss, and never deviated from that attitude when he was onboard. Kate Chastain, Below Deck‘s former Chief Steward, won him over with a creative rocket ship-shaped towel on his bed. After that, he appeared on other seasons of the show.

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Below Deck’s Dean Slover Is A Foodie & Traveler

First and foremost, Dean is an avid traveler. When he is not chartering yachts, he travels the world, and records it all on social media. He is also a partner in several restaurants, including Sandbar Mexican Grill in Arizona. Dean is a well-traveled entrepreneur with impressive business acumen, but he is also a foodie. His Dean Slover Instagram account is filled with an array of delicious dishes that he has enjoyed on his travels. This comes as no surprise to those familiar with his Below Deck stint, as Dean requested such classics as paella, charcuterie, and luxury-level champagne.

Below Deck’s Dean Has Been Difficult In The Past

While Dean is demanding and difficult, he is also a lot of fun, and that’s why he’s Kate Chastain’s self-professed, “charter guest soul mate,” as per the show. While he wants his way, Dean is refreshingly honest. He lets people know what he prefers, and in the world of luxury charter yachts, clients are often very discerning. What makes him stand out is the fact that he’s tipped generously every time that he’s been on a Below Deck yacht. Of course, tips are never guaranteed, but there is nothing worse than a guest who stirs up trouble, and then fails to reward the crew for its hard work.

Dean might be an entitled Below Deck guest, but he was always up for a good time. While that included humiliating the crew occasionally with diving competitions, Grecian-themed awards parties, and apology songs, he always left them smiling, and then tipped very well. As far as Below Deck is concerned, Dean will probably always be welcomed back.

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