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What’s Your Boggart, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Your Boggart Would Turn Into, According To You Zodiac Sign

As fans learn more about Albus Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts movies, including the most recent Secrets of Dumbledore, they are starting to get a glimpse into how the professor has influenced Hogwarts over the years. For example, it seems that Remus Lupin got the idea for his Boggart lesson from Dumbledore himself since the same mirrored wardrobe and method of lining the students up is identical to that shown in The Grimes of Grindelwald.

This was a memorable moment in both the Harry Potter books and movies, as it first introduced audiences to the mysterious creatures that turn themselves into their victim’s biggest fear. Since then, fans have contemplated what a Boggart would turn into for them if they were to happen upon one in the wizarding world. Based on their zodiac signs and the Harry Potter characters that share them, they might just find an answer.


Aries – Themselves Working A Desk Job At The Ministry Of Magic

Aries are competitive and bold. They like to constantly push themselves out of their comfort zones and seek out adventure and challenges to overcome. The idea of being tied down to a career they find boring or unimportant would be torturous.

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A Boggart facing an Aries foe, like Fred and George, would likely turn into that person’s own form, sitting at a Ministry desk, looking bored and rigid, waving away flying memos— absolutely horrifying.

Taurus – A Niffler

While Tauruses are known for being reliable and practical, their downfall often comes from being possessive or slightly greedy. For this reason, their biggest fear might be losing a prized possession or finding themselves suddenly penniless (or knutless).

For a Taurus like Horace Slughorn, who profoundly values his small comforts, a cute creature like a Niffler might be far more than just a nuisance. A Boggart turning into one in their presence might be just enough to make them lose their wits.

Gemini – Their Enemy Standing With Mountains Of Galleons

A Gemini’s adaptable personality can be pretty convenient since they excel at making first impressions. Like Draco Malfoy, they know just when to be charming and when to go on the attack. But they can also be untrusting and jealous of others’ success.

If Draco or another Gemini were to see their enemy being joyfully showered with gold Galleons or otherwise achieving success that they have not, they might lose all ability to banish the Boggart by uttering “Riddikulus.”

Cancer – Shackles And Chains In Azkaban

Like Dobby the house-elf, people belonging to the Cancer sign are often fiercely loyal. Once they get an idea in their head, they have a difficult time letting it go, and they can tend toward the emotional side.

Due to their moody or pessimistic tendencies, imprisonment is a fast way to make a Cancer lose their spark. For this reason, if Dobby or another Cancer were to confront a Boggart, they would likely see shackles and chains or other signs of miserable imprisonment.

Leo – A Dementor

Leo is the sign of Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom, both of whom are defined by their passionate, generous, and warm-hearted characteristics. This is what makes them brave Gryffindors, but their stubbornness in this regard can be their weakness.

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Leos don’t often like to admit that they are afraid, so fear itself is their biggest enemy. For Leos like Neville, this might take the form of the most terrifying person they know. For those like Harry, the physical embodiment of fear itself, a Dementor, would be the Boggart’s pick.

Virgo – A “Troll” Grade On An Exam

Virgos are known to be analytical and hardworking. They deeply value academics but see success in every form to be of the utmost importance. Their tendency to be overly critical of themselves and others can be their downfall, which leads to their biggest fear.

Virgos like Albus Dumbledore, who had the wisest quotes in Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger are likely to see failure as the most dreadful fright they could happen upon. This might be anything from the loss of a loved one at their own fault or simply a failing “Troll” grade on a Transfiguration exam.

Libra – Dolores Umbridge

Libras, like Minerva McGonagall, value fairness and cooperation above all else. They are gracious and social but have little tolerance for anything they see as injustice. Additionally, they can carry a grudge for their entire lives.

This means that individuals like Dolores Umbridge, who manipulate fairness and equality to fit their own needs, are just the type to get under a Libra’s skin. Watching Umbridge mistreat the students was infuriating to McGonagall, and a Boggart would be smart to use this form to take her and other Libras off guard.

Scorpio – A Friend Suffering The Cruciatus Curse

Scorpios tend to be resourceful and powerful. But their passionate nature can also make them the fiercest of friends. This is undoubtedly true for Sirius Black, whose passion, power, and skill drove him to seek vengeance for his best friend’s murder.

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Therefore, it is likely that a Scorpio’s greatest fear would be to helplessly watch their best friend hurt or perhaps tortured using the Curciatus Curse. If a Boggart were to turn into this, a Scorpio would be useless to stop it.

Sagittarius – Innocent Bowtruckles Being Burned

Sagittariuses are generous and optimistic, and they often have a great sense of humor. As can be seen by his funniest quotes in Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid falls under this sign. Others like him tend to be compassionate for all types of life, from little Nifflers to giant three-headed dogs.

The idealistic nature of Sagittariuses means that they would rather not think about the uglier things in life, and harm to innocent creatures would be too much to stomach. For that reason, a Boggart could take inspiration from Hagrid’s devastation when his house burned down, taking many poor Bowtruckles with it.

Capricorn – The Grim Reaper/Death

Capricorn personalities like to be in charge, and because of their discipline and cool self-control, they are typically good at it. They can also be unforgiving and condescending, all tools to help keep them in control.

This is why Capricorns like Severus Snape and Lord Voldemort, two of the most dangerous characters in the Harry Potter movies, sought the Dark Arts to gain power and control over others, and why to them, death was the ultimate way to lose all control. If a Boggart were to take the form of the Grim Reaper in front of a Capricorn, it would be the perfect way to make them lose resolve.

Aquarius – Themselves Reading The Daily Prophet (And Believing It)

An Aquarius is often progressive, original, and fiercely independent. They value their individuality and work to think outside the box with any topic they consider. Like Aquarius Luna Lovegood, they are always likely to stand out in a crowd.

This is why an Aquarius in the wizarding world would likely avoid the corrupt Daily Prophet at all costs. Their humanitarian nature makes the just-for-profit, Ministry-influenced publication the symbol of all that they hate, which would make the image of themselves reading it a perfect Boggart.

Pisces – An Acromantula

People under the Pisces sign, like Ron Weasley, are known to be intuitive but fearful. They have the wit to win nearly every chess match they find themselves in. But when it comes to throwing themselves into danger, they may be a little more hesitant. Ron’s friendship with Harry can be summed up by his more fearful nature compared to the Boy Who Lived, though he wasn’t a coward.

This nature makes a Pisces reasonably easy for a Boggart. Just like when Ron faced off against one in his DADA class, it could take the form of any terrifying beast, like an Acromantula. But thanks to their quick wit and imaginative nature, they would likely have no problem thinking up a funny solution with the “Riddikulus” spell.

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