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When PlayStation Plus Collection On PS5 Is Closing


The PlayStation Plus Collection is one of many programs Sony put in place to incentivize PlayStation 5 purchases, but the opportunity to claim the collection is ending soon, though PS5 owners still have time to add the games to their PS Plus library. In 2022 when the PlayStation 5 launched, the monthly games provided were PS4 titles only, and the current PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers that include select PS5 games were not yet available. The PS Plus collection added 20 PS4 hits for active PS Plus subscribers who own a PS5.


A PS5 owner can still subscribe to even the lowest PS Plus tier, Essential, for one month, and redeem the PS Plus Collection games before they are gone. The mechanics of accessing the PS Plus Collection are the same as the monthly titles added to the former PS Plus program, which is the current Essential tier. PS Plus Collection games claimed during an active subscription period are added to the subscriber’s PS Plus library, which is a separate library from titles purchased through the PlayStation Network store. PSN-purchased games are always available to download and play, but the PS Plus library is only available during active subscription periods.

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When The PlayStation Plus Collection Closes

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PS Plus subscribers using a PS5 console can claim the entire collection up until May 9, 2023, at which time the promotion will end. This provides some reward for early adopters who bought a PS5 within the first two-and-a-half years from its launch, instead of holding out for a slim model or a potential price drop. A subscriber can claim and download the best PS Plus collection games, which include first-party classics like The Last of Us Remastered and the 2018 God of War, along with PS4 third-party hits like Persona 5 and Monster Hunter: World. Some collection games are now also part of the PS Plus Extra tier.

The advantage afforded to those who claim the collection is that the games are available at the cheaper Essential tier PS Plus. Essential offers a poor value proposition compared to the large game libraries available with Extra or Premium PS Plus, but the PS Plus Collection gives some merit to the program’s most lackluster tier. Though many of the PS Plus Collection titles are older games that Sony gaming fans may have already owned, those who skipped the PS4 generation could use the collection to catch up on some of its high points while enjoying the superior load times of the PS5.

While discontinuing the PS Plus Collection promotion is disappointing to some, the 20 games it provided are a fraction of the hundreds available through PS Plus Extra and Premium. For example, Extra and Premium PS Plus added exciting games in February, like Horizon Forbidden West and The Quarry. As more PS5 exclusive games have been released over the past two years, there are more organic incentives to upgrade from a PS4, so a collection of some of the PS4’s greatest hits may no longer be needed.

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The PS Plus Collection Was An Excellent Showcase Of The PS5’s Backward Compatibility

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Beyond its SSD shortening load times and its superior specs, backward compatibility is the feature that sets the PS5 above the PS4 more than any other. The PS Plus Collection arguably should have been provided to all PS5 owners, as it was an ideal showcase for the feature. There are credible rumors of a PS5 Pro in the works, and information from the investigation of the Activition-Blizzard purchase by Microsoft has some already speculating on a PlayStation 6 release date. Though the PS5 library has improved, two years in, its ability to play the massive PS4 library with better load times remains its strongest offering.

The PS Plus Collection offers great games some may have missed out on, but it also lets longtime PlayStation enthusiasts see how last-generation games perform better on the PS5 hardware. There are many excellent PS4 games for fans of nearly any genre, but the well-constructed PS Plus collection offers something for everyone. The Extra and Premium PS Plus tiers outshine Essential, certainly. Still, PlayStation 5 owners who are not current subscribers could do worse than spending $10 USD for one month of PS Plus Essential to add 20 great PlayStation Plus Collection games to their PS Plus libraries.

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