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Where To Find All Umbran Tears of Blood


Players who want to access Bayonetta 3’s Phenomenal Remnants will need to collect the three Umbran Tears of Blood from each Chapter’s 3 Umbran Animals

Players who want to access unlockable bonus chapters of Bayonetta 3 will need to collect the three Umbran Tears of Blood hidden in each chapter. These bonus chapters, called Phenomenal Remnants, are each parallel version of their source chapter and contain several unique challenges, rewards, and unique infernal demons to summon in Bayonetta 3 for the player. But to access these Phenomenal Remnants, the player will need to get a tear from each of the three Umbran animals in a chapter -a cat, a crow, and a toad- for every chapter.


These three animals aren’t difficult to find, but they’re not easy. Umbran cats and Umbran crows run away when approached and can only be caught by a physical interception with the character. Umbran Toads won’t run away but tend to be hidden to compensate for this. The Umbran animals are also small, but the toads at least make noise to let the player know they are close by. If any animals are missed in the first 15-hour run of Bayonetta 3’s story mode, the player can just replay the level.

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Where To Find Umbran Animals in Bayonetta 3

ChapterUmbran CrowUmbran CatUmbran Toad
OneUnderground Shibuya, on the railings of the large circular room.Beginning of the Shibuya section, at the base of the building to the left.Just after Verse 9, on the coffee shop sign.
TwoOn the roof of the underground parking entrance at the start.In the starting area, near some destroyable cars, it can run under.After riding the giant spider, between two rocks on the path towards the giant landmarks.
ThreePerched on a ruined building right at the start.Area after meeting Luka, one of Bayonetta 3’s returning characters. It’s running around the long building to the left.On the cliff side, at the end of the tunnel after Verse 1.
FourLeft wall corner after the crumbling bridge, behind the crenelations.Cross the pagoda after Verse 4 onto a small section of the wall.Inside the gatehouse under the huge bell.
FiveOn the steps just before reaching the Gates of Hell.Go straight from the Verse 3 Courtyard and head for the left tower.On the roof of the left tower after Verse 3.
SixAtop the tower to the right of the Gates of Hell, just after Verse 4.In the starting area, on the way down from Verse 2.On the iron door just after Verse 9.
SevenAfter digging for water with Viola’s summon, Cheshire, go back and take the hidden path to Verse 6, then go straight to the cliffside.Sitting on the steps in the central river section.Between some rocks along the path hidden by the sand waterfall.
EightAt the base of the bridge, on a rocky rise to the right side of it.On top of one of the pillars inside the sealed temple.With all the other toads by the lake, sitting behind the waterfall.
NineSolve the wind puzzle after Verse 5, and climb the left windmill in spider form.Near the exit of the Verse 7 section, just before Verse 8.Hidden in the river brush to the right of the starting area.
TenTurn around after Verse 2 to see it sitting on a nearby ledge.Just after Verse 6, sitting on a subway entrance along the main road. Bayonetta 3’s new demon Masquerade ability can help catch it.In the courtyard right next to Verse 7, behind a garage shutter.
ElevenIn the starting area, sitting on some rubble.On the side alley canopies overlooking Verse 3.In the parking lot, just after getting the illumination demon.
TwelveOn a rock in the Verse 3 courtyard, in the beginning, section.In the section a bit after Verse 4, in the archway filled with crashed busses.Down the starting area chasm, hidden behind a rock on a low platform.
ThirteenPerched atop the rock on the island just after ground falls away.Sitting on the platform to the left on the same island.On the glowing stalagmite on the same island.

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