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Where To Find Conger Eel In Dredge


The nearly Lovecraftian horror of Dredge also sees players find and catch fish along the ocean, including the rare Conger Eel for a certain Pursuit side quest. An elusive creature usually only found in shallow waters, Conger Eel, is a type of fish players must bring back to the Ingfell Resident NPC as part of the Best Before Pursuit. This specific request by the Resident will have players searching all over for this Eel, but it does not appear easily.

Conger Eel only shows up at night, so players have no choice but to wait until the sun has fully set before embarking on a fishing trip. Although rolling fog obscures the top of the water, players do not have to go too far into the ocean to find where these Eels could be. Similar to solving the Red side quest in Dredge, players will need a specific type of rod to catch Conger Eel. Anything that can fish in Shallow Water will be perfect for completing this Pursuit.

How To Find Conger Eel

Dredge Blackmouth Salmon and Conger Eel Fish Catch Entries with Latter Being Important for Certain Pursuit Side Quest

The elusive Eel happens to show up around the Gale Cliffs, usually along the perimeter of this location in several different spots. The northwest corner of P4 happens to host Conger Eel, but they are few and far between here. The best places to look for Conger Eel are actually zones N4 to O4 on the map, which are unfortunately blocked off by debris. Only by using the Packed Explosives bought from the Retired Whaler in the Little Marrow Whaling Yards can players get past this obstacle.

The best places to fish for Conger Eel are around the Gale Cliffs in areas N4-O4 of the map, past debris that can be destroyed with Packed Explosives.

The center of area O3 has the biggest population of Conger Eel, but this section has hazardous waters that players fight while fishing. Traveling to any of these mentioned fishing spots may end up challenging due to the conditions of the water, but players will have to persevere to get at least one Conger Eel for the Pursuit. If anything, the choppy waves and atmospheric fog add to Dredge‘s horror aesthetic.

How To Use Conger Eel

Dredge Ingfell Resident NPC who Gives Best Before Pursuit for Rotting Conger Eel

The Best Before side quest asks that players rest until a Conger Eel is “rotting” before giving it to the Ingfell Resident. Turning in the fish this way grants players a $150 reward, which may be used to buy new equipment, materials, or upgrades. In addition, players that learn where to find Conger Eel in Dredge have a better chance of finding other rare creatures like Oarfish, also found in the surrounding Gale Cliffs.


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