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Where To Find The Science Center Dead Drop in Warzone 2 DMZ


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The demilitarized (DMZ) mode of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has several missions players can complete, including one for the Legion Faction on the Ashika Island map that has them find a place called the Science Center for a Dead Drop. Progression in DMZ revolves around tackling faction goals, including many of these Dead Drop missions across the two maps seen in the game. However, knowing where players must perform a Dead Drop might be confusing in large arenas, especially with limited time.

The Science Center Dead Drop comes from the Tier Three Legion Faction mission called “Shock Value,” which has three different objectives to complete. Each goal requires players to take different items found around the Ashika Island map and place them in the Dead Drop. If Tier Three has unlocked for the Legion faction, players must select the Shock Value mission before queuing into a DMZ match. Faction missions are great ways for players to earn XP and get new rewards from Warzone 2‘s Season 2 Battle Pass.

How To Locate The Science Center Dead Drop

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Ashika Island Map with Science Center Dead Drop Location Marked

The Dead Drop essential to the Shock Value mission can be found at map coordinate E4, near the northwestern section of the map. Although the Ashika Island map may be much smaller than Al Mazrah, players could still struggle to find this spot just from these coordinates. So instead, players need to look for a dumpster representing the Dead Drop, which lies east of the Town Center, just south of the Oganikku Farms POI. This may be easier to reach if players decide on a good Landing Spot on Ashika Island.

If players still have a hard time finding the Science Center Dead Drop, they can always go to the Ashika Power Plant, one of many strongholds on the map.

Strongholds are defended by hosts of AI-controlled enemies, but players who travel just west of the Power Plant will have a chance to find the Science Center Dead Drop. A Dead Drop does not appear as an icon on the player’s maps, unlike the similar Supply Drops that give potential items.

How To Use The Dead Drop

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 New Operator Ronin About to Attack with Dual Kodachis New Melee Weapon

Even after players find this location, the Shock Value mission still demands they transport one car battery, five jumper cables, and four batteries into the dumpster Dead Drop. AI enemies heavily guard the sections around the Dead Drop, especially toward the end of a match, so players should take caution approaching this area as the game progresses. However, those who figure out where to find the Science Center Dead Drop in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 DMZ have a far better chance of advancing their Faction tiers and unlocking more missions for even greater rewards.

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