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Where to Watch Class of ’07

A high school reunion takes a turn for the worst: Find out where you can watch Class of ‘07, a show that explores what would happen if you became stranded at your old high school thanks to an apocalyptic wave.

For many, your ten-year high school reunion rolling around isn’t happiness-inducing. It’s a reminder that your teenage days are long behind you and requires you to mingle with people you may have mentally written off the day you graduated. No matter how bad you imagine the night going, however, it can’t go worse than the 10-year reunion of the class of 2007 that was hit by an apocalyptic tidal wave that left attendees stranded on an island in the middle of their high school campus.


Sounds captivating, right? If you want to see the drama of that tricky situation unfold for the class of 2007, the fictional show, Class of ‘07, documents it all. If you’re looking to think to yourself “at least I don’t have it that bad,” you can watch Class of ‘07 on Amazon Prime.

Watch Class of ’07 on Amazon Prime Video

Plot of Class of ‘07


Anyone who’s been to high school knows that the idea of mean girls don’t just exist in the movies. So many let out a deep sigh of relief after walking out of the hallowed halls of their high schools, knowing that they are free from the cliques and drama. For the characters of Class of ‘07, the drama has found its way back into their adult lives.

The show is an eight-part, 30-minute series that follows what happens when an apocalyptic tidal wave leaves you stranded in your alma-mater. On top of worrying about basic needs for survival, including food, water, and warmth, the stranded girls are also stuck navigating their decade-old feud.

While drama is certainly a part of high school, great friends are too. One of the central storylines of the show is the power of strong female friendships. Two old friends are able to reconnect with one another through this apocalyptic nightmare.

Australian Origins


The show was shot in Sydney, Australia and features a cast and crew full of Aussies. It was created, written, executive produced by Kacie Anning. The show is backed up by an all-star cast, including Emily Browning, Caitlin Stasey, Megan Smart, Claire Lovering, Emma Horn, Sana’a Shaik, and Bernie Van Tiel.

Class of ‘07 was produced by Matchbox Pictures, which is a division of Universal International Studios. They are a film and television production company that is run out of Sydney and has production houses in Melbourne and Singapore. They have produced films like Ali’s Wedding, Oddlands, and Nowhere Boys.

This is not the first Amazon Original Series in Australia that has been commissioned by Prime Video. Since 2019, they have commissioned 23. Some include, Laughing Australian with Rebel Wilson, Back to the Rafters, The Test, Making Their Mark, and Luxe Listings Sydney.

Where to Watch Class of ‘07


You might not want to attend your own high school reunion, but we suggest you check out the class of 2007’s. This new comedy is sure to have you laughing out loud, as you note the similarities between the character’s complicated high school experiences with your own and are captivated by the insane twist of fate.

Kicking it back to high school, it’s time for a pop quiz! Where can you stream Class of ‘07? Don’t worry, we’ll provide the answer key this time. You can watch Class of ‘07 exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Watch Class of ’07 on Amazon Prime Video

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