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Which Game Has The Best Paradox Pokémon


Between Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, one game has the definitively better set of Paradox Pokémon. After beating the game and re-entering Area Zero, the player will find ancient or futuristic versions of past Pokémon known as Paradox Pokémon wandering around. Pokémon Scarlet’s assembly of ancient Pokémon evoke prehistoric times, while Pokémon Violet’s fleet of futuristic Pokémon sport robotic features. With seven Paradox Pokémon in each version (not including Legendaries), players will want the strongest roster of exclusives to pick from.


Paradox Pokémon are custom-built for competitive play: While they lack evolutions, they boast stats that rival Legendary Pokémon. Additionally, their designs resemble the fully-evolved versions of the Pokémon they’re based on. As such, they can look quite elaborate. The appeal of Scarlet and Violet‘s Paradox Pokémon is how they enhance the base Pokémon’s design. Whether for competitive or aesthetic reasons, players should know whether Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet has the better Paradox Pokémon.

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Pokémon Scarlet Has Better Designed Paradox Pokémon

Pokémon Violet's roster of Paradox Pokémon all look too similar
Pokémon Violet’s roster of Paradox Pokémon all look too similar

Pokémon Scarlet wins out based on the creativity of its Paradox Pokémon designs and the sheer strength of its line-up. Pokémon Scarlet’s ancient variants reimagine the original Pokémon while maintaining their recognizability, covering a wide variety of prehistoric looks including bugs, plants, mammals, and even mystical spirits. Sandy Shocks, for example, alters Magneton into a caveman-like design with spikes of magnetic sand that demonstrate its new typing: Ground-Electric.

Conversely, Pokémon Violet’s futuristic forms all feel too much alike, simply applying a “robot” texture. Iron Jugulis is the worst offender, changing almost nothing about Hydreigon’s form. Furthermore, these robotic facades obscure the Pokémon’s typing – they all appear to be Steel-type or Electric-type. Iron Moth looks like a bug-shaped satellite, yet is inexplicably a Fire/Poison-type Pokémon.

In Combat, Pokémon Scarlet’s Paradox Pokémon Reign Supreme Over Violet’s

Pokemon Scarlet Sandy Shocks Paradox Pokemon Exclusive to One Version of Generation

On the competitive side, Pokémon Scarlet also has the edge. Between the Donphan Paradox Pokémon, Pokémon Scarlet’s Great Tusk is a wholly unique Ground- and Fighting-type. The type combo provides excellent super-effective coverage against eight other types, using strong attacks like Earthquake and Close Combat. Great Tusk has a variety of utility moves as well: Rapid Spin clears away stage hazards, Stealth Rock sets up stage hazards and Knock Off removes the enemy’s held item. Great Tusk is a perfect accompaniment to the Dragon-, Fairy- and Ghost-type Pokémon that dominate the competitive scene. In comparison, Pokémon Violet’s Donphan variant Iron Treads can build up speed but ha a far less unique Ground-Steel typing.

Comparing the two strongest Paradox Pokémon from each version still puts Scarlet ahead of Violet. Pokémon Scarlet’s Flutter Mane was immediately banned to the Uber Tier for competitive play due to its strongly offensive Ghost-Fairy typing and incredibly high base Speed and Special Attack. Additionally, thanks to its added coverage with Mystical Fire, Flutter Mane is unable to be resisted by any type. When compared to Iron Bundle, Violet’s only Uber Tier Paradox Pokémon. Iron Bundle has the highest natural Speed stat of any Paradox Pokémon and a quite high Special Attack as well. However, Iron Bundle lacks Flutter Mane’s versatility: It is easy to plan around and, except for using Flip Turn to escape bad match-ups, has no way to counter disadvantageous opponents.

It’s clear that Pokémon Scarlet not only has a stronger roster than Pokémon Violet on average, but each Paradox Pokémon is multifunctional with great versatility and utility for different teams. Of course, Pokémon Violet still has strong competitive options too: Iron Hands combines defensive bulk with utility, and Iron Valiant lives up to its Gallade-style origins with a balance of Attack and Special Attack. To get access to all the best Paradox Pokémon, players will want to trade between Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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