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Why Celebrity Big Brother Is More Entertaining Than A Regular Season


Big Brother’s regular seasons are definitely popular. However, Celebrity Big Brother is arguably more entertaining than a normal season of the show.

Although there is nothing like a traditional Big Brother season, many times, Celebrity Big Brother installments tend to offer more entertainment value. While Big Brother is approaching season 25, there have only been three CBB seasons over the years. The last installment of the show took place in the winter of 2022. Although the overall format of the celebrity rendition of the show has always been the same as that of a regular BB season, the two versions of the competition series are very different.


The most recent Celebrity Big Brother season took place last winter, during which UFC fighter Miesha Tate took home the win. Despite being much shorter than a regular season, Celebrity Big Brother season 3 was still full of drama. Miesha, along with her best ally in the game, Todrick Hall, got backlash. This happened because of some comments that they each made inside the house, which were aimed at some of their fellow houseguests. The season lasted 29 days, as 11 celebrities gave the competition series a try. Some of the players included Lamar Odom, Todd Bridges, Teddi Mellencamp, and Shanna Moakler.

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Living Inside The Big Brother House Is More Challenging For Celebs

Although living inside the Big Brother house is challenging for any houseguest, it is even more difficult for a majority of the celebrities that have competed on the show. Ironically, this tends to make the celebrity season much more entertaining to watch. Since they often have luxurious lifestyles, it can be quite difficult for celebrities to follow the long list of Big Brother rules.

Being closed off from the real world can be a real shock for celebrities as well. While fans are used to seeing these players in fancy clothing during their lavish day-to-day lives, this all gets traded in the day they enter the Big Brother house. Viewers ultimately get to see these celebs in a whole new atmosphere that they are not used to.

Fans Get To See A Whole Different Side Of Celebs On Big Brother

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Trading in their extravagant lifestyles to live inside the Big Brother house for numerous weeks can be a big adjustment for celebrities. This oftentimes leads to a more pronounced comedic level in a celebrity season, versus a regular season of the show. For example, when Lamar Odom competed on Celebrity Big Brother 3, viewers got to see his true self. Not only did they see his funny personality, but Lamar also had the opportunity to speak his truth about his ex, Khlo√© Kardashian. Oftentimes, Celebrity Big Brother allows fans to see celebrities’ real personalities, especially through the 24-hour live feeds. Additionally, these players typically are not very familiar with the game, or are just competing for fun. Therefore, this results in a more carefree season.

Ultimately, the opportunity of competing on the show allows celebrities to be seen for who they truly are. It portrays them in an entirely different light than what viewers normally see. Although nothing will ever compare to a regular season of Big Brother, there is something special about a Celebrity Big Brother installment. Unfortunately, as of this writing, there has been no confirmation of another celebrity season.

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