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Why LPBW Fans Agree With Jeremy Roloff’s ‘Deep Thoughts’ About Farm Sale


Little People, Big World viewers are starting to listen to Jeremy Roloff’s view on the family farm and what really went down with his dad, Matt.

Little People, Big World viewers react to Jeremy Roloff’s “deep thoughts” about the farm sale in resurfaced clips. The oldest son of Amy and Matt Roloff hasn’t appeared on the family show for years after claiming to want more privacy. However, this hasn’t stopped him or his wife, Audrey Roloff, from posting often on social media.

After looking back at older episodes of Little People, Big World, viewers noticed Jeremy had some insightful ideas about the farm and how the family should handle it. User MidnightBravery shared a clip from the season 15 episode where Jeremy suggested drawing up some sort of contract to keep the land safe, wondering if that would help ease Matt’s “personal dilemma. One thread participant shared that while they’re often irritated by Jeremy’s “deep thoughts,” he “hit the nail on the head” when addressing his father’s control issues.


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Matt Never Planned To Relinquish Roloff Farm

Matt Roloff from LPBW wearing cowboy hat

Most Little People, Big World fans would agree that Jeremy’s pseudo-intellectual attitude is obnoxious, even when makes good points. From the clip, it could be argued Matt knew long ago he would end up selling the farm, noting that “nostalgia meant nothing to him. For one small moment, it was clear how selfish Matt truly is and how much his son was trying to save the farm and the family dynamic.

Ultimately, neither Zach nor Jeremy bought the family farm. Little People, Big World fans will recall Zach was ready to sign on the dotted line but instead was priced out by Matt’s greed. Jeremy hasn’t spoken much about backing away from the farm but recently purchased his own land only eight minutes away from his father. None of the four children have any claim to the farm anymore, with Matt deciding to rent out the big house for the time being.

The newest season of Little People, Big World has shown Zach and Matt still very much on the outs with one another. Zach has taken his anger so far as to move an hour away to another state and not allow Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler around his children. Matt has yet to take any blame for the fallout, which has angered his son even more. Jeremy seems to be trying to inch his way back into helping out on the farm, but viewers suspect he will never become the owner. Despite his smart suggestions regarding the property back in season 15, it wasn’t meant to be.

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Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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