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Why Paedon Would Fight His Father Kody Brown


Paedon Brown, Christine and Kody Brown’s only son, is revealing to Sister Wives fans whether or not he would fight his father in a TikTok video.

Paedon Brown of Sister Wives is not one to hold back when it comes to trash-talking his father, Kody Brown, hinting at whether or not he would fight thim. Paedon is the only son of Christine and Kody and has always been the black sheep of the Brown family. From slapping his sister, Gwendlyn Brown, to mocking his own dad, Paedon definitely wants to make sure he is noticed.

While some of the Brown children make sure to keep to themselves, Paedon has done his part by speaking out after the newest Sister Wives season ended. He has already publicly spoken out about his lack of a relationship with his father. Paedon has also offered insight into why Robyn Brown was mad at him, admitting he was rude to her children after seeing how kind his father was to them. While Paedon stated he wouldn’t choose sides in his parent’s divorce, it has become abundantly clear that he is sticking by his mother, Christine’s side.


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Paedon Brown Shares His Thoughts On TikTok

In an odd but humorous TikTok, Paedon shared a video of a fan asking if he would fight Kody if the patriarch had an affair with his girlfriend. Paedon, who’s embarrassed to be recognized, happily participated in the video trend as he answered, “Oh, no. No, I would not.” The Salt Lake City resident shared that Kody and his ex-girlfriend would be quite a match-up, telling the camera, “Good luck to ya both. Have the most fun in the world.” Sister Wives fans love Paedon’s honesty, with one calling him “savage” in the comment section.

Kody Has Issues With Multiple Kids

Kody Brown from Sister Wives in confessional

Sister Wives viewers joked that Kody could probably hold his own in a fight as long as Paedon’s ex-girlfriend didn’t put a knife in the patriarch’s recovering kidney. The shade from Paedon was at an all-time high as fans loved how Kody and Christine’s son shaded his father. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that only Christine’s children have been the ones to speak out against their father. The other siblings have kept relatively quiet and minded their own business.

Earlier that day, Gwen revealed in her own YouTube video that after watching the recent season, the footage made her like Robyn even less. Gwen also shared that she and her siblings hadn’t been contacted by Kody in a long time, as the father of 18 is refusing to reach out. Sister Wives fans have appreciated the candid responses from the Brown children as it has given an in-depth look at what is really going on behind the scenes. Hopefully, Sister Wives star Kody can shape up, but fans are not holding their breath.

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