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Why RHOBH’s Kathy Hilton Can Cross Kyle Richards But Not Daughter Paris


Ever since Aspen, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills resident sisters Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards have been lightly feuding; however, while Kathy has the upper hand in her relationship with Kyle, she should think twice before crossing her daughter, Paris Hilton. Paris had stood firmly in her mother’s corner amid the Aspen drama from RHOBH season 12. The hotel heiress even shaded her aunt Kyle after liking a few spicy tweets. However, Kyle’s daughter Farrah Aldjufrie affirmed that all of Kyle and Kathy’s daughters are extremely protective of both their mothers. At the same time, they do everything in their power to get along with each other.


Kathy put Paris’ loyalty at risk, however, when she told Justin Sylvester and Adrienne Bailon on E News! that Paris and Carter Reum were struggling to conceive. Paris shot back, saying she had no idea where her mother got that idea. Paris told TMZ,​​It’s never been a struggle at all.” She added that through IVF, she and Carter had been “stocking up” and “have tons of embryos that have all just been waiting.” Sometimes producing healthy embryos can be a challenging first step with IVF. Until a pregnancy is stable, few couples want the public involved.

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Paris Hilton Is The Real Reality TV Queen, Not Kathy Hilton

Paris Hilton posing against a wood wall

With Paris planted firmly in her corner, Kathy ought not to rock the boat. If Kathy steps out of line, Paris will respectfully clap back again. In the scheme of notoriety, Kyle and Kathy may be feuding on RHOBH, but there’s no question that Paris is more famous than both women. Paris’s legacy in reality tv is also unmatched. Paris’s opinion matters to the public and her family. Kathy’s intentions were probably innocent, but she should question putting her daughter’s personal business out there in the future, fact or fiction. On top of that, pregnancy is an incredibly private topic, and not everyone wants to put it out there.

If RHOBH’s Kathy Threatens Paris’ Platform It Won’t Be Hunky Dory

Paris Hilton and Kathy Hilton on Paris In Love

After all the revelations in This Is Paris and Paris In Love, it’s clear that Paris and Kathy are close; however, it’s also clear that Kathy’s parents with an iron fist and a need for control. When Kathy’s emotional landscape is put first, it takes a toll on Paris. Ironically, Kathy, who could take down RHOBH, opened up in therapy about feeling a need to be more stoic in the context of her mother and sisters’ big personalities. However, bottled-up emotions get tip-toed around more often than expressed ones. Paris and Kathy had a breakthrough in Paris In Love. With that said, if Kathy dictates the family narrative in the public eye and not just at home, Paris might revolt.

Paris has managed her mother’s occasionally cold and sometimes demanding personality behind closed doors. If Kathy threatens to damage or diminish the very powerful public image and businesses Paris has spent her life building, she might finally straighten her spine to her mom. Paris’s business and political savvy is unmatched, while Kyle always seeks Kathy’s approval. With Paris stepping into her own journey of motherhood, she might be more likely to stand up to Kathy than Kyle. At the same time, it’s clear Paris and Kyle adore the side of Kathy that loves a good laugh and too much caviar on a baked potato for dinner. Everyone’s strengths and weaknesses need to be laid out openly for peace in the family dynamic that has become the backbone of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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