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Why Sophie Was Sent To The School For Evil, Not Good

Sophie of Gavaldon is convinced that she was sent to the School for Evil by mistake, but as Netflix’s The School For Good and Evil movie progresses, it’s quite clear that Sophie’s “goodness” isn’t School for Good material. Adapted from Soman Chainani’s book series of the same name, The School for Good and Evil is a play on the fairytale formula where not everything is black and white or purely good and evil. Initially picked up by Universal Pictures for its film rights in 2013, the movie only made significant progress in 2020 when Netflix took over, immediately signing on Ghostbusters‘ director Paul Feig for the project.


The vain Sophie, played by Sophia Anne Caruso, dreams of leaving Gavaldon for a life of adventure, specifically one that involves princes, tiaras, and an adoration for her beauty. So when she and her best friend, Agatha (Sofia Wylie), are kidnapped to the magical, prestigious School For Good and Evil, her excitement falters as she realizes that Agatha is dropped off at her dream school and not her. While Sophie did indeed look like the princesses she reads about in her fairytale storybooks, her soul is more akin to a witch’s darkness.

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Why Sophie Believed She Was In The Wrong School

While The School for Good and Evil movie didn’t have time to explore the internal dimensions of each character, it does a decent job at capturing best friends Agatha (Sofia Wylie from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series) and Sophie’s book essence on screen. In both the book and the movie, Sophie, by definition, is an extremely conceited and shallow girl who basically believes “good people are always beautiful people.” Added to the fact that she loves fairytales, the constant depiction of beauty as a standard of goodness is heavily reinforced, garnering her the constant position that her beauty makes her special to a point where it’s worthy of celebration. Hence, her vanity blinds her into the conjecture that the giant, grotesque crow wrongfully delivered her to the School for Evil, because, in her mind, her goodness is evident in her appearance. However, as time passes and classes ensue, Sophie’s education under the tutelage of Lady Lesso (played by Old Guard‘s Charlize Theron) brings out her self-centeredness and determination to get what she wants at the expense of others.

Hints Sophie Was Always In The Right School

Sophie was always meant to be in the School for Evil, and it shows. When the crow disposes Agatha at the School for Good, Sophie is quick to complain, “You’re supposed to drop me there, not her!” showcasing that she doesn’t believe Agatha deserves to be there. Every time Agatha and Sophie meet at the shared mess hall where Nevers and Evers dine, Sophie’s requests are entirely self-motivated with all of their conversations revolving around her difficulties and her goals. This includes her schemes to make The School for Good and Evil character Tedros (Jamie Flatters) fall in love with her, badgering the professors to let them switch schools, and confronting the School Master (Laurence Fishburne) about the “error” in their respective admissions. Not to mention Sophie’s underhanded envy towards her best friend whose done nothing but protect and help her, yet she returns the favor by teaming up with an evil warlock, Kit Young’s Rafal.

Sophie’s ambition and egocentric persona reflects a grayish morality that’s telling of her worst and default impulses which justifies her primary evil categorization. However, Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil also affords Sophie’s character the ability to rise above instinct, saving Agatha in the final act. Ultimately, the School for Good and Evil‘s classification of its students doesn’t matter, may they be Never or Ever, the choices that they make are what defines them in the end.

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