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Why Upton Is Intentionally Trying To Get Herself In Trouble In Chicago PD


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Chicago PD season 10.

There’s a deeper reason why Hailey Upton is intentionally putting herself in danger in Chicago PD season 10, and it has something to do with Jay Halstead’s potential return. Things have changed ever since Halstead decided to abruptly leave in light of Jesse Lee Soffer’s show exit, but no one has had it worse than his long-time partner and wife, Upton. Everyone has been trying to move forward despite the massive loss, and Upton is throwing herself into one case that puts the Police Chief’s son, Sean, in the middle of a sex-trafficking case. While Upton’s bold actions could simply be because she wanted to take down Sean, her actions may also be motivated by her situation with Halsted.


In Chicago PD season 10, episode 7, Upton desperately wants to take down Sean so much that she intentionally put herself out there as bait, despite Voight’s orders for her to go home and rest. Even after Intelligence’s operation fell through and the perpetrator escaped, Upton became even bolder, continuing to tail Sean even though he already knew that she was onto him. Aside from really wanting to nab the child trafficker, getting herself into trouble is probably her way of wanting to connect with Halstead. If something happens to her, it might prompt Halstead to at least contact her, if not return to Chicago to reunite with his wife.

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Can Halstead Return To Chicago PD?

Jay Halstead has an ominous look on his face on Chicago PD season 10 episode 3

Halstead’s return to Chicago PD isn’t just a possibility, it’s actually expected. Before abruptly leaving, he explained that his stint in Bolivia leading a team going after cartels will only last around eight months. After that, he promises that he will be back in Chicago and they will hopefully pick up where they left off if Upton is willing to wait for him. Despite this promise, however, it’s understandable why Upton feels impatient about communicating with her husband. Not only did Halstead leave very suddenly, but he is also doing dangerous work down the border. Naturally, Upton wants to know how he is.

Upton Is Only Making It Worse For Her, Halstead, & Intelligence

Hailey Upton with her arms raised on Chicago PD

Unfortunately, Upton’s risky behaviour is only making it worse for her and the rest of the team. As the informal Halstead replacement in Intelligence, she has a bigger responsibility now more than ever, and taking risks and getting really emotionally invested in the case isn’t the right way to go about her professional life. Not only is she putting herself in danger, but she is also potentially jeopardizing Intelligence’s work. However, the fact that she’s starting to open up about her struggles since Halstead left in Chicago PD season 10 episode 7 could mean that she’s finally willing to healthily process her grief over losing him instead of taking these dangerous methods to deal with things.

It’s difficult to say what happens next in the Intelligence case against Sean, but considering the fact that Soffer is officially out of Chicago PD, it’s likely there will be more heartbreak for Upton and Halstead down the road. There’s very little chance that Halstead can stay true to his promise about returning to Chicago and continuing their married life. That is, unless Upton also leaves Intelligence and joins him in his new endeavors.

Chicago PD season 10 airs Wednesdays on NBC.

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