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Wonder Woman’s Forgotten Day Job Redefines Superhero Identities


A lot of heroes are known to come from a scientific or mythological background, but Wonder Woman once had a job that the ordinary citizen would have.

Wonder Woman hails from a mythological island of women as a demigod with immense power and a force for good. She is a staple of the DCU and among the trinity of well-known heroes like Batman and Superman. Her status as a woman from myth makes her god-like to the eyes of civilians, but compared to her heroic coworkers, she’s among the most human of them all.

Many heroes often come from complicated backgrounds or have jobs related to science, business, or law enforcement. Superman is a reporter while Batman is a billionaire. This set a bar for all heroes going forward, where most work unconventional jobs, until Wonder Woman took the bar and snapped it in half.


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One of the best moments of Wonder Woman’s career as a hero was when she took up a food service job at a local taco joint called Taco Whiz. It was a standout job at the time, as she was one of the few heroes to work a minimum wage job. Having been hired in Wonder Woman #73 by Bill Loebs, Lee Moder, and Andé Parks, she became very good at making tacos for the public. Her superhero coworkers even came in a few times, and she was happy to serve them. Wonder Woman brought respect to the lives of fast food workers and a whole slew of famous new customers begging for a chance to try her food. This completely shifted what it means to be a hero.

Employee of the Month: Wonder Woman of Themyscira.


Not only did Diana take up the job, but she also became the first superhero to shed light on the importance of food service workers. She was glad to help out and feed the people of the community. She calls it a “dignified occupation” as she realizes that Taco Whiz is the place that most people go for cheap food they can afford. It was among Diana’s favorite jobs and gave her a new sense of respect towards retail workers. Not many heroes can say they’ve worked at a fast food joint and enjoyed it, but Diana proved to be as enthusiastic at this job as any job.

A lot of her friends were confused about why she was “slinging tacos” at a fast food joint, but Wonder Woman dismissed their jabs at her job. Eventually the heroes realized that Taco Whiz was a great place to go and eat as most patrons didn’t care to stop them for an autograph or a brand deal. Wonder Woman of Themyscira was officially the best employee at the place, and completely changed the way audiences looked at jobs. Business was booming with her on the clock, and she showed her friends that sometimes they need to mingle with regular people to truly understand the job they do.

Wonder Woman changed comics in many ways just by being a woman hero at the forefront of DC’s universe, but she also highlighted a lot of the problems the working class has to face. In order to bring respect to workers of all areas, she showed just how important fast food workers are to the public. Wonder Woman’s new job was an important milestone for the superhero community, and she changed public perspective forever.

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