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Wong Needs A Marvel TV Show (To Make Him Strange’s Watson)


Doctor Strange and Wong are often compared to Sherlock Holmes and Watson, but the MCU needs a big Wong change for that comparison to be true.

Since appearing in Doctor Strange, Wong has been shown to be the Watson to Doctor Strange’s Sherlock Holmes, but for this comparison to truly work, Wong needs his own MCU TV show. Wong has appeared in all kinds of MCU movies and series, with the sorcerer quickly becoming a fan favorite. Despite his popularity, Wong still hasn’t had a story focused entirely on himself, meaning that he is the perfect candidate for getting his own MCU TV show.

Wong is one of the MCU’s most reliable sidekicks, appearing alongside Doctor Strange in nearly every MCU appearance. Due to the MCU’s Doctor Strange being played by Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch, many viewers have compared Wong to Watson, Sherlock’s iconic sidekick. However, this comparison doesn’t truly work, and the only way to fix it is to give Wong his own MCU series.


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Why Wong Needs An MCU TV Show

Wong opens a portal in Spider-Man No Way Home

Wong has had almost no character development in the MCU, and an MCU TV show could fix that issue. Throughout the Doctor Strange movies, Wong is never much more than Strange’s handler, with most of his dialogue being used as a way to funnel magical exposition to the audience. Despite this, the character is still incredibly popular, meaning that the MCU needs to give more focus to him in order to turn him into a fully explored character rather than a mere sidekick.

Wong’s character has only really had two changes in the MCU. Wong becoming Sorcerer Supreme was a big one, but that mostly took place off-screen. The second change is his relationship with Madisynn, which came about in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Small character details like that wouldn’t fit into a big MCU movie, but a TV show is the perfect place to explore them. A Wong TV show could also explore Wong’s backstory, his wants and needs, his emotions, and so much more. Things like this are essential to good character building, and Wong has gotten none of this.

Disney+ Can Make Wong Doctor Strange’s True “Watson”

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Wong and Stephen Strange

Although Watson may seem like nothing more than an assistant to outsiders, many Sherlock Holmes stories spend more time developing Watson than the titular detective himself. These stories are often told from Watson’s perspective, with Watson being the grounded character that explores the bizarre life of Holmes. MCU viewers love Wong, and giving the character his own Disney+ show would be a way to show Wong’s perspective, finally turning him into an actual version of Watson.

Character development is even more important to this Watson comparison due to Wong being paired up with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. Cumberbatch’s Sherlock spends a good deal of screentime developing Watson before even introducing Holmes, going into detail about his military history and more. Having Cumberbatch there makes it even more apparent how little development Wong has has since Doctor Strange, and a Disney+ series starring Wong would be the perfect way to remedy this MCU error.

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